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12 Reasons Why BarWinners is for Me

BarWinners is a RESULTS-driven, full-service prep course dedicated to helping California bar takers with unique and often challenging bar exam needs:

  • First-Time Takers with distinctive needs and exam issues (exam anxiety, standardized test concerns, students who receive testing accommodations). (For special testing accommodations to help you get the California bar results you need, please go to http://www.calbar.ca.gov/Attorneys/Legal-Specialization/Becoming-a-Certified-Specialist/Exam-Information/Testing-Accommodations).
  • Repeat Bar Takers who studied hard and learned enough law to pass. We find out why you didn’t pass and help you fix it.
  • Out-of-State Attorneys who need to take the California Attorney’s Exam but have busy lives, demanding practices and limited study time. We work with you to get you ready on time.

Whichever category you fall under, BarWinners is right for you. Take a look at 12 reasons why we are simply the best at what we do. We can help you pass the Bar. See your name on the California Bar Exam Pass List!

Twelve Reasons Why BarWinners is for Me

BarWinners is the only course dedicated to helping California bar takers with unique and often challenging bar exam needs, first time takers with testing accommodations and exam issues, repeat takers who studied hard and knew enough law to pass and out-of- state attorneys with busy lives and demanding practices.

Our team knows what is needed to pass the Bar and they impart that knowledge

to you with care and respect. One-on- One tutoring to pass the California bar is


We have a team of hands-on instructors and tutors and pride ourselves on being available and responsive to answer any questions as you work your way through the course. While diligent self-study and the ability to problem solve on your own is crucial to passing, it is important as a bar student to be able to get your questions answered in a timely fashion so you can continue to reduce anxiety and study efficiently.

Take the ‘thinking’ out of the exam process. I will teach you specific methods to approach and ATTACK each component of the exam. With these easily repeatable and successful strategies, you will minimize the stress and anxiety associated with how to approach each test component and maximize results on exam day.

The BarWinners Approach Book, which examinees refer to as the “Bar Bible”

lays out the material in exactly the way the Bar Grader wants to see it, Bar Ready

in answer blueprints (beyond IRAC).

We give you the substantive materials in condensed, essay-ready approaches.

Then we show you how to apply the law you are learning to essay questions and

give you structured homework that requires daily essay writing and MBE practice

BarWinners focuses your studying, helps you get on a structured study schedule,

and coaches you step-by- step on how to write a passing answer, performance

test, and score higher on the MBE, all within the California Bar Exam’s time


Passing the California Bar Exam isn’t about who is the smartest or even who will

make the best attorney. It’s about making the California Bar grader’s job easy,

and giving them what they are asking for.  We give you what they need to see so

they can give you the points you need to pass.  In order to do this under the

stress of the real bar exam, we give you practice applying what you are learning

with daily essay and MBE homework.

BarWinners simulates timed Bar Exam testing for all three sections of the Bar

Exam. You must do exams on time and upload them by the cut off time, just like

you do on the actual bar exam. By taking regularly scheduled and graded

simulated exams, it helps you become more comfortable and de-sensitized to the

stress of taking the actual Bar Exam. We do not believe in “leaving it up to you”

to decide if or when you are ready to take a practice essay exam or performance

test. This is because students are often fearful of testing and so they put it off

By the time you sit for the actual bar exam, you should comfortable and relaxed–

“just like another BarWinners Simulated Exam.”

Our feedback is individual, quality, and provides precise comments and

guidance. There are no canned grading sheets or templates. Every essay you to

submit to BarWinners will be graded with written feedback within the essay to

clearly illustrate which areas you can improve upon and how to do so.

We grade within 2.5-5 points of how that essay or performance test would score

on the actual Bar Exam. Feedback on Simulated essays and Performance Tests

is precise and focused. We show you how to fix your writing to make it more


The BarWinners’ Online programs are perfect for students who would rather use

their time to study and apply what they are learning, instead of fighting traffic,

parking and commuting. Our one-on-one tutoring sessions can be done in person, but are equally as effective over the phone/Skype.

BarWinners now offers the ultimate personalized California bar review online.

Our specialty! The BarWinners approach to the Performance Test enables you to

comprehensively outline your response as you read through the material,

maximizing your writing time and enabling you to submit a thorough response with

dense analysis. We have given several Performance Test workshops at various

California law schools and are experts in this area. Do NOT overlook the

Performance Test. Instead, embrace the PT and maximize your points!

Learn BarWinners’ unique method and approach to the MBE that will allow you to

approach each question in a clear and consistent manner while maximizing your

process of elimination skills.

Our personal MBE Workshop covers the issues and questions that are consistently

repeated on the MBE. Our MBE expert teaches the nuances and subtle

distinctions which are now so common on the MBE. We give you a

comprehensive 2,000-plus- question workbook, which includes consistently

repeated patterns and with answer explanations.

BarWinners understands taking the California Bar Exam is stressful.

Pressure to pass the first time, wanting to be perfect, time problems, studying

problems, concentration issues, falling or staying asleep, ADD, ADHD, medical

or health issues, can all factor into your bar exam passage and performance.

BarWinners understands these issues and works with you to help you get the

services you may need.

Our entire team of seasoned bar exam experts are standing by to help you in any

way possible.

We see you and know you. We will not allow you to fall through the cracks.