Wylie A – Attorneys Exam

May31, 2017
by baradmin

I found particularly helpful the class’s emphasis on outlining and organizing written answers in a simple, easy to follow manner. For those of us out of school for a long time and who hadn’t written this sort of essay in over a decade (except on the prior February bar, for which I never found time to practice even one essay!), the refresher in essay technique relieved tons and tons and TONS of anxiety about the test itself. I also really enjoyed the outlining approach, and though I couldn’t attend all of them, the simulated practice exams were key. The detailed, individual feedback we all got on at least one essay per test was nothing less than extraordinary. The materials (particularly the Approach book) were just fantastic. Because I’m already a working lawyer, the emphasis on memorizing the approach book as a writing tool saved me time studying, and literally saved me on the actual exam, particularly where I couldn’t remember some details. At least I could put in headings, and was able to put down something, and move on. Mostly, I just really, really liked your teaching. It was excellent. You just get it right. Also, some of the other profs were really quite good; the crim law/pro prof was particularly dynamic and informative, and will even one day be your match! The nice comments about giving up bigotry were well appreciated, too (as I let my registered domestic partner know…) Lastly, the MBE guy really knew his stuff… My practice scores really improved. So, your dynamic class presentations, emphasis on organized writing and outlining for every answer, your teaching, and the approach book were just what a working full time, out of state law school attorney like myself needed. As I believe I mentioned to you, my family has been having a really tough time lately, and again, the emphasis on scheduling, the organized materials, and the approach you take in class I credit with passing.