Vinny S. Esq. – Executive Attorney’s Exam Course

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Out-of-State Attorneys Exam California-I passed! Thank you-2016

I am a practicing 20-year lawyer at an AmLaw100 law firm and repeat taker. I first started with a private tutor from another service and then used two other services that you typically see advertised, but still found myself answering questions like a practicing lawyer and not a law student. I finally found Shari and Barwinners and with the help of Shari and my awesome tutor Joseph, I finally passed the 2-day Attorneys exam.

Shari and Joseph dissected and diagnosed my issues in properly responding to the questions asked and prepared me for responding in a way that the bar graders wanted to see. For those of you who also are practicing lawyers and think you know how to win over the bar graders . . . well, I thought the same and Shari and Joseph showed me otherwise. It was quite the humbling experience but once I decided to follow their methods (a key point in the process), I was able to successfully pass the bar.

The Barwinners approach, practice exams (make sure you take them) and overall strategy work really well, but to be successful you have to be ready and willing . . . Shari and team will then make you “able” to pass the test. They really care about you as a person and work very hard to help you overcome the obstacles that inhibit (or for you first time takers, may inhibit) your ability to be “ready and willing” and ultimately pass the CA bar. I highly recommend the Barwinners team. Good luck!