Treavor F – Intensive Course – Live Repeater

May31, 2017
by baradmin

arwinners was a breath of fresh air in the bar exam world. Generally, bar review courses are all done at arms length with little or no personal interaction. Barwinners, however, was different from the norm. Their live course lectures, simulated exams, and workshops helped facilitate my understanding of the black letter law as well as offer me very useful techniques to crack the bar. In the beginning, I had doubts about my prospects in passing the bar as I had taken a four-year break between my first and second attempt. I took the other Bar Review courses and I felt that my prolonged absence from law school and law study would hinder my attempts to pass the bar. But Shari’s study tips, especially with doing the 30 MBE questions per day and the writing of multi-colored flashcards really helped improve my MBE score and ultimately to take me over the hump. So, thank you Barwinners for all that you have done for me. Thanks.”