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Daniel Garrett, Esq. Intensive Course-Live- 1x taker
Barwinners Intensive Course did the trick! It was excellent. I didn't follow the herd, I made my own decision about bar review and I'm so happy I picked BARWINNERS. All live instructions, simulated bar exams, excellent feedback. Thank you all. My family and I are so excited.

Danielle DuCaine, Attorney at Law Platinum Tutorial Course
After taking Barwinners/The Karney Course, I walked in to the bar exam feeling like one of the most prepared people in the room. Because of Shari Karney’s comprehensive and direct approach to exam preparation, when I took the exam I knew exactly what the bar wanted from me. She breaks down the materials in a manageable way and teaches you how to “Answer the Questions.” During the exam itself, there were no guessing games or panic attacks. With Barwinners/The Karney Course, the exam is de-mystified. I strongly believe that armed with Shari’s techniques, ANYONE can successfully take and pass the California bar exam

Jennifer Alton, EsqOnline Intensive Course -Repeater
Indeed, this is a dream come true. After taking the bar several times, I had begun to lose hope, until I enrolled in the Karney Writing Course. I know, with absolute conviction, that I passed the bar as a result of taking KWC. If I were to advise another on the reasons I passed the bar, I would say there are three. First, I wanted it with every fiber in my being. Second, I did everything Shari Karney said to do, exactly as she said to do it. Third, and perhaps most important, when Shari said “whatever is going on in your life, is showing up as an obstacle on the exam” I GOT IT! Meaning; I was holding back in my life, and thus, I was holding back on the exam. This was truly an enlightening moment. Once I had this breakthrough, I was able to conquer the bar exam once and for all.

Gano Lemoine, Lemoine Law FirmExecutive Attorney Course
Yes, I recommend the course - strongly. Here are the highlights of why I believe Shari's course (Barwinners) is MUCH better than say, BarBri or other bar review courses. First, the outlines are condensed - for example, torts isn't 150 pages of every detail about tort law. It is approximately 50 pages of the information that you need to know. So the unimportant information doesn't get in the way of your focus on the critical information. Then, the DVDs briefly review and reemphasize what is commonly tested, so there's even more emphasizing what's important and de-emphasizing what's not. Secondly, the DVDs continuously stress how to write the answer. What to do and what not to do, so you continuously maximize your use of time, AND maximize you potential score - hit the ``buzz words`` or the issues needed to get as many points available By way of background, I finished law school in 1992 - been out and practicing for a long time. While that's good in a way, it also means that I had forgotten my ``test taking`` skills from law school. Also, I sat for the Louisiana bar in 1992, and passed; then for the Mississippi Bar in 1993, and passed. But I believe the testing skills the course emphasizes made this my best ``test taking`` performance of the three exams - despite having been away from ``test taking`` experience for so long. Thirdly, with the course - and a very large part of why it costs more than other courses - you get very specific, hands on guidance and feedback on your practice exams. I've listed this as ``third,`` but its CRITICAL and a very, very beneficial thing. ``My exam grader and Online Learning Tutor worked with me over the weeks preceding the Bar exam to shape and improve my exam PERFORMANCE - make my answers better – sometimes he worked with me to make them substantively better; but more often and more importantly he worked with me to make them qualitatively better. Such that even if I didn't know the substantive law on that particular question, I would answer the question in a way that still allowed me to pull sufficient points. While my Online Learning Tutor and I didn't always agree, I know it greatly improved my performance - and I can compare that to my two previous (and successful) bar exam experiences. Lastly - the ``Performance Test`` instruction - this was PHENOMENAL. Without this instruction on how to read, organize and take the Performance Test portion of the exam, I can't imagine doing well on this section. And remember that it's 1/3 of the score. Outstanding. I'm pretty thrifty. But I also didn't have much time to study for the exam - I signed up for the course about 5 or 6 weeks out. But I have no doubt that the course is better focused, and provides better instruction and guidance than other courses, and particularly the BarBri course. As to the cost, over the course of your career a few thousand extra dollars is nothing. Over the course of the FIRST year, if you pass the first time, a few thousand dollars extra is nothing.``

Steve Herrick, Esq.Online Attorney’s Exam
Before signing up with Barwinners, I had last taken a Bar Exam during the Ford Administration. In the decades that followed, I developed skills that served me well as a litigator but were at best useless and at worst counterproductive with respect to passing the California Bar Exam. There’s a reason the passing rate for the Attorney Exam is so low. Barwinners knows the reason and how to fix it. Really, all you have to do is listen. I took the online course, studying nights after work, weekends and full-time a couple of weeks before the exam. Obviously not the ideal situation but the Barwinners approach allowed me to make the most of the subject knowledge I was able to absorb by presenting it to the Bar Examiners in a way that convinced them I knew what I was talking about even though, I can assure you, there were times during the exam when I did not. Because of Barwinners, I do not have to tell my East Coast partners that there won’t be a California office for them to visit next Winter. Thank you Barwinners. I know I could not have done it without you.

Ohla Datsko, Attorney at Law
Thank you Barwinners!!!!!!!! I passed the February 2015 California bar exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was an LL.M. student at UCLA and as if the bar exam is not already hard to pass, it is much more difficult to pass as an LL.M. student. Barwinners guided me from the beginning until the end and throughout the whole process I felt that Shari and the Barwinners team truly care about my success on this exam. The Barwinners Approach book is a treasure. It lays out the rules the way they should be memorized and written on the bar exam. The Approach Book organizes the rules exactly how bar graders want to see them. Every possible issue tested on the bar exam is covered by the Approach Book. I knew exactly what to write for every essay on the exam and exactly what issues were being tested. There were no surprises on exam day and there was nothing that I haven't seen before. Shari is wonderful! She was always easy to reach and convinced me that I will pass every time I felt discouraged. Thank you Shari and thank you Barwinners!

Jeremy Black, EsqIntensive Course (Live) 1x taker
Dear Shari, I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful California bar review course. As you know, I passed the bar and I am certain it is because of your bar review course. Here's what I loved: APPROACH BOOK: Specifically the course outlines (“Bar Bible”) were excellent. They gave an overview of the subject matter without getting bogged down in the details. Since the bar exam is a basic test of one’s knowledge of the law, the outlines were perfect. The approaches were simple and straightforward. When I was taking the bar, I was able to read the questions and immediately think back to the approaches and know exactly what to write and how to lay it out. This saved me so much time that I actually finished the first essay exam early! PERSONAL ATTENTION: Another aspect of your bar review course that I loved was the personal attention that you showed to each of us. The encouraging phone calls and honest assessments of my progress were such help in keeping me motivated and on task. GRADING FEEDBACK: Having each practice test personally graded was also helpful in measuring where were in terms of readiness for passing the California bar. Having the detailed feedback with both positive and negative comments was a big factor in my success. CLASSES: I did attend every single class and practice test, which I believe was critical to my success. However, I didn’t study nearly as hard as my study partner Allie, who studied double to what I did. But we both did pass the California Bar Exam with your help and bar review course. I guess it goes to show that everyone is different in his or her approach and it also shows how incredible and effective your bar review course and materials are in preparing someone for the California bar exam. In short, I was extremely pleased with your bar review course and would recommend it to anyone planning to take and pass the California bar exam. Thank you again for everything. Be Blessed.

Andrew Fishkin, Attorney at Law Intensive Course- Live
Thank so much for everything. I passed the February bar on my first try and I owe a great deal of it to you and your instructors. While I don’t know my scores, I knew coming out of each exam day that I KICKED SERIOUS ASS on the essays and performance, with my only doubt being the MBE. Again, thank you for everything. In addition to my primary goal in passing the bar, I also made some truly great friends and actually had a great time taking your class

Alison Wilson, Attorney at Law Intensive Live-1st time taker
Hi Shari, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the bar exam! Thank you so much for all of your help and your wonderful materials. I couldn't have done it without you and Leonard. I hope that you are getting good news from all of your students

Rich Isaacs
An important aspect of Barwinners which was vitally important to me but which easily gets passed over is the environment you created. You were always positive, clear and precise with what we had to do to pass the bar. You made the bar seem like a little quiz that everyone of us could pass. Whereas my friends in other programs were running scared the whole time because the instructors made the bar out to be this huge insurmountable obstacle. Thank you for keeping me ground and for making me laugh.

Seth Lennon Weiner, Esq
I PASSED THE JULY CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM THE 1ST TIME! Whew! Especially since I wasn’t able to fit into my law school schedule all the subjects tested on the California Bar Exam. As SBA President at Loyola Law School, I was very involved in putting on events and school activities needed BarWinners to keep me focused, the live classes, simulated bar exam sessions, feedback and “compassionate butt-kicking”. Shari and Barwinners are awesome. Thank you Shari. WE DID IT!

Alejandro Becerra, Esq.
I am so extremely happy! I am also glad we spoke when we did. It was because of you and the entire BARWINNERS team that I passed. Thank you so much for the words of wisdom and for pushing me to think differently about my own potential. For, anyone who wants my opinion about which bar prep-course to take, you know that I will say BARWINNERS! Thanks again and keep up the excellent work.

Just wanted to thank you and tell you that I PASSED!!. Everything worked and although I felt confident after the Bar, there is that fear in the back of your mind that seems to grow as the results get closer. Your methods worked! All those late night sessions and all day weekend sessions were worth every minute. Thanks for being stern and pushing me to the limit. Thank you to Professor Kelton for her help and going over countless exams. You choose the BEST study group for me (granted, I was skeptical at first but you really read us well) and we all worked very together. Everyone was devoted, focused and encouraging which at the end was crucial to get through the last leg. I spoke to Michael and Chris—both passed and we are all EXCITED! Thank you! Thank you! All the Best
Jennifer Fletcher Intensive Course

Allison GrayIntensive Course
Thanks for getting last week's exams back to us so quickly! The feedback was very helpful. Also, I wanted to let you know that the feedback from BARWINNERS’ graders was so amazingly helpful. In addition to telling us what we did right and what issues we missed, the graders also cross out non-issues that we wrote on. That was very helpful. Knowing what NOT to write is sometimes just as helpful as knowing what TO write. Thanks so much to you and Shari for all your help this summer. It's less than one week until the bar exam and somehow I'm still (ironically) very calm. I think it has more to do with Barwinners and the great preparation we got. Thanks for everything.
As an IP attorney working full time and 22 years out of law school, I needed materials that were boiled down to what I needed to know and written in a manner I could readily understand and memorize it. Bar Winners offered just that product and service, with a personal touch that was not just helpful, but reassuring. I passed the CA bar exam the first time (even when working 40 hours a week the entire time) solely relying on the Bar Winners’ materials and guidance.
Lisa M. Caldwell

Thank you Shari and all the instructors at Bar Winners for guiding me through your program and preparing me for the discipline and endurance of the exam. When you sit down ready for what to expect, you can adapt to the challenges and navigate the unexpected. I watched the BarWinners videos online and found them helpful, supportive, and entertaining. The MBE instruction is excellent. The hard work and practice paid off!``
Michelle LeeIntensive Course

What was good about the videos is that it was more than just the substantive law discussion. In the lectures, you provided a good framework or roadmap for tackling the questions and the bar exam in general - i.e., when you get this type of question, here is what you need to do ..... ``boom, boom, boom`` and then you plug in the analysis and you are on your way. I also liked how you kept everything in perspective - i.e., this is not rocket science, here is what the bar examiners are looking for, this is what you need to focus on (no more, no less), the goal is to finish the marathon (you don't need to come in first place), etc., etc. There was also a lot of good positive reinforcement and encouragement - i.e., stay focused, do this, and you will succeed. As somebody who was sitting alone in my office until 11 pm on Friday nights studying, taking practice exams, scanning and faxing answers to the graders, it was a lonely process, so the words of encouragement were vital. I also liked the lectures on the practicals …even though I only had time to watch two of them. At least I had a good game plan once I got to the exam. At the end of the day, the key for me were the practice tests taken under true exam conditions (as painful as they were). It forced you to get your act together. After some of the low grades that I got on questions, I knew that there was no scope for letting up. On the other hand, some good scores gave me some glimmers of hope as well. It really was a wake up call for me when I talked to you. It had been over 20 years since I took my last bar, so I wasn't overconfident, but I quickly realized after talking with you (I think that it was either June 6th or 7th) that I needed to take things seriously. I started watching the videos the first night I got them, and then was taking the first practice exam the first weekend. Pretty overwhelming for me. Anyway, thanks again. I'll certainly be a champion of yours for any attorneys that want to discuss. Just let me know. Also, I hope that everybody else did well
Erick PBarwinners student; provided confidentially

I am a repeat bar taker. I took a big bar review the first time and was devastated when I didn’t pass. I went to law school out-of-state and currently live out-of-state. Barwinners Gold program Online was perfect. I needed an online program that combined the best of online with personal attention. I also wanted one-on-one tutoring live people I could ask questions find out what I wasn’t doing right for the bar graders. I found it in Barwinners Online Test Prep program. I PASSED the bar. I’m so grateful. Thank you to Holly, Leonard and the Barwinners team
Shelley D Barwinners student; provided confidentially Gold Tutorial Program Online

SHARI: I was having difficulty with passing the CBX, and it was holding my life hostage, and with it my sanity. Luck for me Shari had the key to this jail cell. She carefully selected a tutor that she knew would fit my style, and promoted the way that I learn, rather than how she wants to teach. LEONARD: This is a special component to the Barwinners process, the attack of Leonard. Possibly the reason that I passed, was Leonard forcing me to face my fears, and the reasons why I was failing. This retrospective reflection made me a stronger person, and this stronger person, PASSED! HOLLER!
Josh L Platinum Tutorial Course

It was sooo good to talk to you today. Again, I just wanted to thank you, my tutor, Leonard, and your administrator for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you. Leonard’s insights were so immediate and accurate that it took me by surprise. But when I thought about what he said, he was so correct about me. I was hiding and it was hard for me to step forward. He is a master at what he does. I felt lucky to have him help me. We all were lucky to have Leonard's insight and input. I also thought the tutorial sessions were extremely helpful and the advice you gave me was invaluable when it came to writing essays. You are a genius at understanding what each person needs and giving it to them. You do it subtly, with a giving heart. It was breathe taking watching you work your magic imperceptibly, like a conductor, leading the orchestra to make beautiful music. I also wanted to say that Stephanie's advice during the individual group sessions was immeasurable. My tutor gave me such good pointers on the performance test that I truly believed that put my points over the top. Both of you stressed the importance of writing every single issue and not to skip it; if the issue is there, put it down and not to second guess myself. Your administrator, and her inspirational note cards and support really relaxed me and made me feel cared about and watched over. She is a great ``mother`` to Barwinners students. I followed everyone's advice and I succeeded. I am still pinching myself thinking that this is all a dream. But after a momentary lapse, I realize that I did put in a lot of work and that I was given great advice. Thanks again!!!
Joan L Barwinners student; provided confidentiallyGold Tutorial- repeat bar taker

Hi Shari, I was just thinking about you yesterday! I could not have done it without you! Your class did in fact help me develop not simply in my bar study but as a person. You did really shake me to the core with your words about growing up and pulling myself out of situations. I realize now how dependent I was on other people and how that only hurt me. With law school and the bar, I was faced with doing something that did not come easy to me and if it had not been for you, I would not have made it. If you had babied me, I would not have had that push that I needed. And now, I receive your beautiful letter and realize the difference between receiving approval for the sake of approval and receiving it upon actually earning it. I felt truly blessed reading it and I BELIEVED what you said because I know I earned it. So, thank you for not giving it to me earlier and thank you for helping me get here. I am happy to be employed and feel more stable than I ever have. I have a job, income, an office and credibility. Maybe when you are not so crazed with bar review you can help me find my life path. (rumor has it you're a life coach?!) So, thank you again for your amazing email. I was truly touched and I feel honored to have such an amazing soul say those things to me. Thank you!
Gildian, GPlatinum Tutorial Course

I found particularly helpful the class's emphasis on outlining and organizing written answers in a simple, easy to follow manner. For those of us out of school for a long time and who hadn't written this sort of essay in over a decade (except on the prior February bar, for which I never found time to practice even one essay!), the refresher in essay technique relieved tons and tons and TONS of anxiety about the test itself. I also really enjoyed the outlining approach, and though I couldn't attend all of them, the simulated practice exams were key. The detailed, individual feedback we all got on at least one essay per test was nothing less than extraordinary. The materials (particularly the Approach book) were just fantastic. Because I'm already a working lawyer, the emphasis on memorizing the approach book as a writing tool saved me time studying, and literally saved me on the actual exam, particularly where I couldn't remember some details. At least I could put in headings, and was able to put down something, and move on. Mostly, I just really, really liked your teaching. It was excellent. You just get it right. Also, some of the other profs were really quite good; the crim law/pro prof was particularly dynamic and informative, and will even one day be your match! The nice comments about giving up bigotry were well appreciated, too (as I let my registered domestic partner know...) Lastly, the MBE guy really knew his stuff... My practice scores really improved. So, your dynamic class presentations, emphasis on organized writing and outlining for every answer, your teaching, and the approach book were just what a working full time, out of state law school attorney like myself needed. As I believe I mentioned to you, my family has been having a really tough time lately, and again, the emphasis on scheduling, the organized materials, and the approach you take in class I credit with passing.
Wylie AAttorneys Exam

The Barwinners course helped me to pass the bar and achieve my goal of being a licensed CA attorney. Shari's method and teaching was crucial in my success. I wish I had known about this course after I graduated law school because this course has proven to help out-of-state law students like myself pass the bar. So many former students who have taken Shari's course have all said, `` Just listen to Shari, and she will help you pass.`` They were right! I can be proud of my achievement of passing the bar all thanks to Shari and the Barwinners’ team.
Jason, S

I took the Barwinners Baby Bar program that included one-on-one personal tutoring with my Baby Bar tutor, the Bar Exam Coach, and Shari oversaw my program. I loved the combination of live one-on-one tutoring, with online and on demand ( I work full time and had to study at night), substantive law, essay writing and MBE help. The program was amazing. I’m now able to pursue my dream of becoming an attorney. This is a second chance for me. I PASSED the California Baby Bar, and am able to return to law school
Amy L2x taker, Baby Bar

I LOVED BARWINNERS! The Barwinners On Line course helped me to pass the bar and achieve my goal of being a licensed CA attorney. Shari’s method and teaching was crucial in my success. I'm so glad I found out about this course after I graduated law school because BARWINNERS has proven to help out-of-state law students like myself pass the bar. I was able to watch the lectures on my computer, submit simulated exams for grading along with the Live class, and participate in every way as if I was attending the live lectures. It allowed me to work while I studied, and pass! So many former students who have taken Shari's course have all said, `` Just listen to Shari, and she will help you pass.`` They were right! I can be proud of my achievement of passing the bar all thanks to Shari and the Barwinners’ team
Tanya OOnline Intensive Course

Shari, Leonard, Danielle: I passed!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for your patience with me this past summer. A special thanks to Anne who was always helpful and always patient!) with me!!! I am feeling great to know that this is behind me and that I can move on with my life again! Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Charles P.S. I don’t have Leonard’s e-mail address, but I would of course like to thank him, too!”
Charles BPlatinum Tutorial Course

Dear Shari! Dear Joseph! I PASSED !!! I'm in Europe right now. When my wife called me crying I knew -- Joseph, the one-on-one sessions were invaluable - I totally owe this to our discussions that I finally saw the light and got it! Thank you!
Lucas SLLM Silver Package
Alan Daneshrad, Esq., LL.M.Platinum Tutorial Course 1x Taker
Shari, I just want you to know I passed the bar because of you and your Course. At first I had ``sticker shock`` but then I realized I only wanted to take the bar once! Many of my friends, who decided on other programs, are still struggling to pass and are going on their 3x. I have recommended your course to many students and to anyone taking the California Bar Exam that wants to pass it the first time! Your program was fantastic. I'm so grateful. Let's have lunch. I miss connecting with you.

Michelle Carpenter , Esq. Gold Tutorial Course
I want to offer my sincere thanks to you and the BARWINNERS team. As you know, I graduated from law school 14 years ago. I have taken the Bar Exam several times and after trying other Bar review courses, I decided to try Barwinners Gold program and I am so thankful that I did! I remember being so concerned with how little law I thought I knew and I didn’t believe I would be able to get a handle on it all. My study time was severely limited due to work responsibilities and at times, I just didn’t know how it was going to happen. Despite that, things actually came together and I was so calm going into the exam. During the essay portions of the test, I would hear your voice telling me to look at the facts and I would ask myself “what do the facts say?” I believe that is the key. Another key is to have a planned strategy for attacking the PT portions. I was amazed at how much pressure was taken away just from knowing exactly how I would approach the PT. I made it a point to do all of the performance exams given as homework and to follow Professor Kelton’s approach. I am positive this helped me. I never imagined how good it would feel to finally see the words, “The name above appears on the pass list. I LOVED MY GOLD TUTOR. HE WAS AMAZING. Thanks to Barwinners, I don’t have to imagine anymore. Thank you so very much.

Danielle DuCaine, Attorney at Law Platinum Tutorial Course
Barwinners and the personalized tutorials with Shari Karney and her ``Bar-Exam Fix-it Specialist,`` Leonard changed my life. As a repeater, I felt incredible anxiety and pressure to pass the exam. Living in fear of the experience, I avoided the responsibility and commitment that preparation for the exam requires. Shari and Leonard taught me that in order to confront my anxiety towards the exam I would have to address the root cause. With their guidance and support, I learned to take responsibility for my actions. As the exam date approached, I became increasingly focused and confident. What began, as a dreaded experience became one of the most personally satisfying and happy periods of my life. Armed with new coping tools, I overcame years of fear, anxiety and self-doubt and took the bar exam with determination and passed. For anyone who struggles with the pressures of the bar exam, this course really will change your life.

Gano LemoineExecutive Attorney Course
At the time I sat for the California Bar, in 2009, I was 45 years old, I had been an attorney for 17 years, at that time admitted in 3 states (two through exams, one through reciprocity). California was to be my 4th State of admission. I decided to sit for the California Bar about 6 weeks before July (?), '09 testing. In other words, after being out of law school for 17 years, I was signing up for the CA Bar with about 5 weeks to study. I looked at BarBri, but knew that the materials were too voluminous for me to truly STUDY the materials. And in looking at the CA bar versus the two other bar exams I had taken (17 years prior and 16 years prior), CA was obviously harder and obviously required more STRATEGY then my previous two. I looked at the many alternatives to BarBri some that are $8000 to $12000 ! I settled on Bar Winners as a happy medium between the (relatively) inexpensive BarBri and those extremely expensive courses. As an aside, I'm a VERY thrifty person. I hate to spend money I don't need to. I therefore had concerns that Bar Winners would be worth the money, but I was sure that BarBri was not going to work due to my time constraints. What I found was that Bar Winners' outlines were focused down to the essentials, as opposed to BarBri's too detailed outlines (for the purposes of Bar prep). Some of the lectures - which I viewed by DVD since I was not in the L.A. area - were a bit unfocused. But all in all the lectures were good to very good. And the outlines were great - very focused and ``distilled`` down to what you NEED to know. And nothing you don't. But by far the best aspect of Bar Winners was the practice tests and those multiple tests being graded and returned with feedback - multiple tests, with multiple, detailed feedback. I didn't always agree with the feedback. Flatly disagreed with much of it. But it was very beneficial to preparing for the exam. The other aspect I found TREMENDOUSLY important was the intentionally taught strategy for the ``Practical`` section of the exam (day 3, I believe) - with a female Whitier Law School professor (I believe). Frankly, without the prep for that section that was given through Bar Winners, I would not have passed. I simply would not have used the allotted time properly to have finished. That section of Bar Winners alone may justify the extra cost. I don't know what BarBri California does regarding prep for that section, but from a BarBri course I took 16 years ago, I expect it was little more than ``talking`` about the strategy, as opposed to repeated practice, WITH GRADED FEEDBACK. Yes, it is an expensive course. But relative to what? Waiting another 6 months to 1 year to retake the test? The 6 months to 1 year of doubt, worry and diminished income if you don't pass the first time? No, not expensive in relation to those things. Nor in relation to your entire career in law. Ultimately, I do believe this course gave me a significantly better preparation than I would have received with BarBri - and, even considering my thriftiness, it was well worth it for that ``significantly better preparation.`` I believe the prep I received was directly related to me passing the CA Bar the first time - and that 17 years after law school. And in case there is any question, I have no personal interest in Bar Winners - financial or otherwise. I wish you the greatest success.

Ben Nakatani, Attorney at LawIntensive Course
Shari: Thank you so very much for your help, you definitely have what it takes to put people over the top!! I trusted your teachings and methods when sitting for the bar and it works! I had taken other bar preparation courses and none compared to your approach or methods. Thank you again for putting me over the top!

Matt Briggs, Esq.Tutoring
Shari, Thank you so much for taking me last minute last February. I passed the Feb 2015 CA bar after failing in July. I had done Barbri and Kaplan and neither of them taught me how to write a passing essay. After you read my previous bar essays you immediately identified my problem and in just two hours with your team I had gained the confidence in myself that I could pass this test. I had a plan of attack to take on this test. During the test I freaked out but just kept saying if I did what Leonard told me to just play the game and not to get fancy I would be ok. I treated what you guys told me as the word of god and here I am with my license. I cannot thank you guys enough. Of my study group from law school, I was the bottom scorer in July and this test I was the only one who passed! I didn't want to check online and then they all texted me that they failed! Finally two hours later I checked and my name was on the list! Thanks again I cannot recommend you enough to everyone I meet who can't write a decent (passing) essay.

Adam B. Brown, EsqPlatinum Tutoring Course
OH MY GOD!!!! “FEELS AMAZING, SHARI !!!!!!!! Thanks for helping me get through this hell…your class was a big part of my success, and I really appreciate your encouragement and support. Best Always.” “The class demands much of each student’s time and requires dedication. If you want someone who understands what it takes to pass the CA Bar, Shari is the one. Take every practice exam as though it’s the real Bar, bear down, and you’ll pass. Thanks for getting me through a VERY rough time in my life

Katie Grassini, EsqPlatinum Tutoring Course
Dear Shari, I PASSED THE FEBRUARY CA BAR EXAM!!! I just wanted to thank you for everything you all did to get me through this experience. I know I could not have done it without you. As a repeater, I knew my odds of passing were awful. In fact, before I met you, I had almost decided to wait and take the July exam. I’m so glad I didn’t! Your positive energy, constant encouragement and individualized attention were the key to my success. You helped me focus on passing that Bar, and I DID IT! I had tried the “one-size-fits-all” review courses in the past, and they clearly didn’t fit me. But the BARWINNERS course did! The classes were great, and the private tutoring sessions were especially helpful. I know I’m a decent writer, but I clearly wasn’t connecting with the Bar Readers. Our one-on-one sessions helped spot and fix specific problems with my writing style—not just the ‘common mistakes’ everyone makes. Then, during your Simulated Exams, I was able to put my new skills to work. Thanks to the thorough and prompt feedback I received on each practice exam, I could quickly see where I was improving, and where I still needed work. You also improved my MBE score! According to your Mock Exams, my MBE score jumped over 20 points! Initially, I was making copious flashcards after each day’s practice MBE session. When you realized that wasn’t helping me, you encouraged me to find a study method that would work for me. Here’s what I did: After every MBE Workshop (which were incredibly helpful, ) I wrote out my own personalized outline which combined my class notes and the workbook for each of the six subjects. Every day, I would review that subjects outline before I did my practice MBE’s. Afterwards, I’d add any new item I’d learned from grading the day’s MBE directly onto that MBE outline subject. Tuesday night of the Bar Exam, I just lightly reviewed those outlines. It worked! (I’d be happy to email you my MBE outlines if you’d like—thank God I never have to look at them again!) You truly have found the magic formula—and it’s all in your Approach Book! You gave me a manageable amount of law to learn, and laid it out in an easy-to-understand manner. I wish I’d had that Approach Book in law school!! Thanks again, Shari for all that you’ve done. I’m eternally grateful to you and Leonard!

Virginia Desmond, Esq1x Taker
Oh my gosh! I did it! Thank you for everything! The Gold Tutoring Program was just what I needed. It worked so well for me. We'll figure out a date for Crustacean...can't wait. I've gotten a job with Robert Shapiro, Esq. I'm incredibly happy and excited. Virginia

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for everything that you did. The course was fantastic and I will be recommending it to all of my friends still in law school. The attention to what information you need to know and what information you can skim over was vital to my passing this bar. Thank you again for all of the hard work and for staying on top of us to make sure we did the required work.
Mike Wellen, Attorney at Law

Matt MarmolejoPlatinum Tutorial Course
Hey Shari, I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello and let you know that, five years later, I continue to be grateful for everything you did for me. I got an email this afternoon from a potential Barwinners student (and of course I told her that I would be happy to talk with her), and it just made me think of where I was prior to re-taking the bar, how hard you made me work, and how every minute and cent I put into the course has been repaid to me ten-fold. I don't quite know how you do what you do, but you've figured it out. At any rate, I hope you're well.

I’m so happy with the results. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For foreign lawyers, it is excruciatingly hard to pass the California Bar Exam. Barwinners was especially good for foreign attorneys. BAR/BRI did not prepare me at all for what’s expected on the California Bare Exam. My Barwinners’ tutor was able to tell me what the bar examiners expect and how I was writing it. You can be glad to have this tutor on board. He was wonderful. Since he knows the pain and understands what I needed to do to pass. He also understood what I had to change to fit what the bar examiners wanted. I practice mostly in Europe, am located in New York, and my firm needed me to pass and be able to practice in California. I’m tri-coastal! Actually bi-country and tri-coastal. Thank you again.
Lukas Stuhpherer, EsqExecutive Attorneys Exam Course

Barwinners SAVED me! I have to say thank you to Shari Karney and Barwinners for pulling me out of my panic and refocusing me on how to pass the bar exam. I signed up for Barbri and three weeks before the bar exam, the program ended and I was left with stacks of outlines, only a few graded essays and no real guidance on what to do between then and the bar exam. After a full mental breakdown, I called Shari for private tutoring. Shari turned my breakdown into breakthrough. She transformed me and helped me to identify what areas I was still struggling with, personally went over each practice exam she had assigned, and most importantly, empowered me with the confidence in myself to pass the exam. Taking the practice exams with Barwinners and receiving such detailed feedback, I felt prepared for anything that could show up on exam day. After leaving each tutoring session, a feeling of calm came over me and I felt excited to take the exam, rather than fear and anxiety. I can’t thank Shari Karney and Barwinners enough! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t think twice about choosing Barwinners!
Sara J. King, Esq. Attorney at LawTutoring

Thanks you! You know, I keep thinking back to this time last year and how happy I am that I passed and how thankful I am for your help as well as everyone else at Barwinners. I was just remembering today that one tutoring session where I felt like I finally understood how to write sentences in my essays in a way that shows I am applying the rule to the facts rather than just stating the rule and then the relevant facts. It's weird how some moments just stick with you, isn't it? Another thing I remember is how you knew from very early on, before my first time taking the Bar that I would benefit from the personal tutoring. Of course it wasn't until the second time around that I purchased those tutoring sessions, but I believe those sessions really enabled me to pass the bar. Your intuition was spot-on there.
Michael Pesta, EsqPlatinum Tutorial Course

“I had taken the bar 3 times, and after failing by such a very small amount, decided that it was not going to happen for me. 5 years later I found Shari and Leonard at Barwinners and their approach resonated with me so much that I jumped head first into studying once again for the exam. As soon as I realized what I had gotten myself into, I immediately began back peddling my way out, convincing myself that I did not have the time to dedicate to this again. What I remember specifically is Shari's words to me, ``this course will change your life.`` She was right, because indeed it has. Now, I realize what she meant by that comment when I started working with Leonard. Leonard helped me realize that I was not failing the bar due to lack of knowledge or understanding of the bar material, but had repeatedly failed due to past struggles that unknowingly were preventing me from accomplishing my goals. Unfortunately, I had extenuating circumstances growing up causing defeating patterns of behavior that not only extended in my personal life, but in my professional life as well. I was guided to a healthy state of mind where I needed to be in order to have the best chance possible of passing. I felt like taking the bar was a breeze in comparison to my previous times taking it. 3 days flew by, in which I ate well, slept well and performed to the best of my ability. I will take this experience with me throughout my life, and am looking forward to working with Leonard further in the future
Kelly BBarwinners student; provided confidentially

Thanks so much to you and everyone on your team. These are the three things I valued most about your course: 1. The MBE lectures. I shudder to think what my score would have been without them. 2. Your topic-specific writing tips, especially the instruction to headnote ``RELEVANCE`` at the beginning of every evidence issue. I did exactly that, and while I had no idea about anything else I was writing, I passed. 3. Leonard's hypnosis exercises. These were wonderful for reducing my stress levels while I was studying.
Tim MBarwinners student; provided confidentially

I graduated Loyola and did not pass the BAR the first time. As most law students, initially, I signed up with Barbri because they were on campus and I did not know what other options existed. After taking the BAR, I was recommended to Shari Karney's Course from a few of her previous students. I was extremely pleased with Shari’s Course/The Karney Course and was successful in passing the BAR. I owed it to her incredible program especially the Approach Book and the rest of the Course materials. The Approach Book was a lifesaver. (Before, when I studied for the bar, I tried to use these huge volumes of bar review materials. I didn’t know what to memorize, and how to apply what was in these massive books.) The Approach Book saved me and got me through the bar, along with her question and answer books, MBE book, and Performance materials. The materials honed everything down, focused me, taught me what to memorize, and how to apply it. Every book the Course provided, and all the instructors, were top draw. Her course provided me with a strategy and technique that worked for me. Shari took the time to get to know me personally and my weaknesses and trained me personally to pass the BAR. In addition, her positive re-enforcement and nurturing qualities gave me the confidence that I was lacking after failing. I wish that I would have known about her course the first time I took the bar. It would have saved me from the emotional trauma and financial impact of not passing.
Sylvia M Barwinners student; provided confidentially.

I just found out I passed the February California Bar Exam. After failing the test 6 times in a row I was desperate to pass the test and ``get on with the rest of my life.`` I decided to enroll in your course after speaking with you and ``trusting `` in your approaches as outlined in your course. Your approaches were golden. I did exactly what you told me to do and stopped trying to do it ``my way.`` I subsequently allowed your suggestions toward improvement to become a positive influence into correcting my writing deficiencies. My MBE scores were never my problem. It was my writing, especially the Performance Tests. I had timing issues on the PT. I spent my whole time trying to read everything and outline it. I found that I ran out of time on the PT to write. I have been a police officer for 15 years. I had to change my style and way of looking at this bar. I would recommend your course to any student who has difficulty in putting it all together for the entire three-day grind that the test requires. You were a motivational force without equal and a master instructor. It was doubly embarrassing because my dad is a judge. I felt humiliated and like a loser because I couldn't pass. My life was hell. Not passing this bar cost me my marriage and my family. You saved my life. I will always be grateful. I would do anything for you and am happy to be spokesperson and referral for students to call who are trying to decide among all the bar courses. Yours is definitely the most personal, motivating, and your materials are ``golden`` as are you. Thank you again.
Erica YIntensive Course-Repeater

Dear Prof. Karney: As you know, I was very intimidated by the bar exam. I saw the first question, and I froze. I could not do anything for 30 minutes. Those were very very long 30 minutes. I heard your voice in my head... ``if the only issue you spot is negligence, then you know you are missing a big issue.`` I saw strict liability and negligence with attractive nuisance doctrine. I kept re-reading the question, because it seemed too easy. I was convinced I was missing the major issue. After 30 minutes of sweating, I started typing, and spent only 30 minutes on that question.... This February exam was definitely easier than the past exams. We were lucky. I am super happy, and I hope most of my classmates passed too. Also, I finally understand your method, even though I had my doubts about it in the beginning. I think it really works. I will recommend your course to my friends. Thank you again.
Renardo R.

I just wanted to say thank you! You were right all along…” “I don’t know if the other ladies have been in touch with you yet but all 5 of us in our group passed.”
Diana O

Barwinners was a breath of fresh air in the bar exam world. Generally, bar review courses are all done at arms length with little or no personal interaction. Barwinners, however, was different from the norm. Their live course lectures, simulated exams, and workshops helped facilitate my understanding of the black letter law as well as offer me very useful techniques to crack the bar. In the beginning, I had doubts about my prospects in passing the bar as I had taken a four-year break between my first and second attempt. I took the other Bar Review courses and I felt that my prolonged absence from law school and law study would hinder my attempts to pass the bar. But Shari's study tips, especially with doing the 30 MBE questions per day and the writing of multi-colored flashcards really helped improve my MBE score and ultimately to take me over the hump. So, thank you Barwinners for all that you have done for me. Thanks.”
Treavor FIntensive Course - Live Repeater

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you and the others at barwinners for enabling me to pass the California Bar Exam this time. I applied your knowledge and techniques and they all worked wonders! Your course is so complete that no other review course is necessary. I loved your MBE and Performance Test programs because they enabled me to tackle any question. Your outlines and practice tests are so detailed that I believe the BAR could not have asked a question that I was unprepared to answer. I knew going into the exam that I was going to pass it this time. How's that for confidence? You may recall that following my automobile accident, and resultant head trauma, I thought practicing law was out of reach for me because prior higher learning had been erased so well and I was already nearly finished with law school. Fortunately, medical science was able to fully restore my brain and you restored my lost learning. In fact, you may recall, that I was unable to take a few bar classes in school due to the accident. I relied solely upon your superb outlines, lectures, and study materials to teach me those subjects. Add that to your proven test-taking techniques and voila tout! I passed! I have recommended your course to others and will continue to do so, especially since I had already tried, unsuccessfully, to get the help I needed from Barbri. Anyone who would rather take the Bar Exam once--as opposed to several times--should enroll with your course first, because nothing more will be needed.
Nelly P

I am a repeat bar taker. I took a big bar review the first time and was devastated when I didn’t pass. I went to law school out-of-state and currently live out-of-state. Barwinners Gold program Online was perfect. I needed an online program that combined the best of online with personal attention. I also wanted one-on-one tutoring, live people I could ask questions, get writing help and feedback. I found it in Barwinners Online Test Prep program. I PASSED the bar. I’m so grateful. Thank you to Holly, Leonard and the Barwinners team
Shelley DGold Tutorial Course

I PASSED!! I live in Hong Kong, went to law school outside of the US and passed the California Bar Exam the first time, with Barwinners On Line Program, which thankfully included the Barwinners Intensive Course Online. I really liked the videos and being able to play them whenever I wanted. I called Shari quite a bit, although the time difference was challenging. I’m so happy.
Esther PLLM Online
Alana Chazan, Attorney at Law Platinum Tutorial Course
I FINALLY did it! I passed the bar exam. This was my 5th time taking the California Bar Exam and I know that it was Barwinners, my tutor, my study group, and especially YOU and Leonard that made the difference. Like many bar takers, I had always been a great student and overachiever who was shocked when I didn't pass the bar exam on my first try, let alone my second, third, and fourth try. I could not figure out what it was that I was doing wrong and how to stop making the same mistakes. I tried BarBri, Kaplan and other bar programs and nothing else came even close to the personal attention and education that I was given at Barwinners. Barwinners was first recommended to me after the results of my 2nd attempt at the CA bar. I went online, looked at the website and immediately decided not to take it because of the cost. Instead, I tried other courses that were less money and I continued to get the same close but ultimately failing bar score. I wasted two years and thousands of dollars on other courses that taught me nothing new. Finally after my 4th attempt I was nearly ready to give up on the bar but then decided to try one more time. I called Shari, and within 30 minutes of our first phone call, without having even met, she nailed every single one of my problem issues by just talking to me on the phone. BarWinners is not your typical bar course, because it far exceeds what you will get in other courses. There are no video taped lectures, every lecture is in person with an actual teacher who answers questions. Shari is invested in each of her students and helps students put together realistic study calendars, study groups that help students with accountability, and tutors and teachers who give extensive and useful feedback, not just an anonymous score. Leonard provides a psychological aspect to the tutoring by recognizing what mental blocks are keeping smart students from passing a passable exam. With Leonard's help I was able to address many of my issues around time management, perfectionism, and general stubbornness that were holding me back. With Shari and my tutor's help, I was able to recognize that I knew the law, but that I needed to work on how to show that to the graders of the exam. Furthermore, my entire study group, which included a 2nd time taker, a 4th time taker, and myself, ALL passed! I am so grateful to Shari for everything.

Holly DiFonzo, Attorney at Law
I have always had problems with standardized tests, but after taking your four-day MBE course, along with using your MBE Workbook, I scored a 155 on the MBE thanks to BARWINNERS! Incredible! I've told all my law school friends that they should take BARWINNERS!

Holly DiFonzo, Attorney at Law
Currently in the LL.M Program at Chapman University School of Law finishing a one-year program to receive my LL.M. in Taxation. I plan to pursue a career in Business Tax and/or Estate Planning. ``I was a repeat bar-taker who had been let down by other supposedly ‘personalized’ review courses but a former boss suggested I call Shari Karney and it was the best recommendation I'd received. When I enrolled in Barwinners , it was exactly what I was looking for -- the benefit of someone else's experience of having done the bar over and over, personal attention and accountability, EXACTLY WHAT TO WRITE on the Bar, simulated bar exams to practice actual testing conditions, and ACCURATE FEEDBACK. There is no doubt in my mind that the structure and flow of the Barwinners materials and class was the reason I finally passed the bar.`` Southwestern Law School, SCALE PROGRAM

Julia Dunbar, Attorney, LL.MLL.M. Titanium Package
Shari and Barwinners- Love you and owe everything to you: you made me pass the CA bar. I couldn't have done it without your help. I went to school in ITALY AND ROMANIA and didn't know what the CA bar wanted. Please use me as a reference anytime you need it.”

Alex MassariRepeater, Platinum Tutorial Course
5 Stars I just passed the July 2015 Bar Exam after failed attempts. I struggled through BarBri and BarMax unsuccessfully. Finally, I found Barwinners. I did exactly what you all are doing now, I read reviews, I scoured the internet for information, and talked to previous students. The bottom-line is, if you buy in to their methods, you'll pass. The goal for repeaters is to change what you're doing. My problem was the essays and PTs. I thought I would eventually pass if I just kept expanding my grasp of the law. Wrong. I didn't realize that to pass the Bar, you must play the Bar's game. That's what Barwinners will teach you, how to play the Bar's game. Their is an extremely specific structure to writing for the Bar and if you haven't figured it out in Law School you won't, magically, figure it out prepping in BarBri. I had knowledge of the law, my MBE's showed that as I always tested in the 65% range. It was obviously my essays and PT. Those to sections have less to do with the actual law and more to do with your ability to analyze and organize. Barbri won't do that, they can't, their courses are too big and their tutors are spread too thin. BarBri may work for those of you that figured out how to really handle an essay in Law School, but for those of you who were like me and just trying to stay afloat you're going to have to learn the skill of handling the essays for the Bar. Again, that's what you get from Barwinners. By the time I finished Barwinners I was routinely getting 70s and I felt like I had turned the PTs from a weakness to a strength. I felt like I was attacking, dare I say enjoying, the PTs by the end. That's confidence Barwinners will give you. However, If you think Barwinners is just some program that you sign up for and it will do the work for you, it won't work. Nothing works with that approach. But, if you apply the things they teach, learn from the feedback, you'll pass. Barwinners is great about giving you a few tasks for each section of the Bar, and if you can committ to those small tasks, they'll make all the difference. You'll see what I mean when you get into the program. If you're considering the Platinum Package, do what you can to make it happen. My Tutor, Joseph, was invaluable to me. He stayed on top of me, Identified my issues, and got me over that fear I spoke of above by putting me on the right track mentally. Per Shari's and my tutor's recommendations, I minimized my time spent on MBEs and focused almost entirely on Essays. Prior to Barwinners, I would avoid writing practice exams. I did this almost entirely out of fear, fear of not knowing how to handle an essay and fear that comes with that realization. Barwinners will get you over that fear. Don't get me wrong, the tutoring sessions can be extraordinarily uncomfortable. During a session you'll have your tutor, Leonard, and Shari all there. At time you'll feel very beaten up, because they will bring your weaknesses to your attention. But, to really make any type of change, you have to be made to feel uncomfortable and you have to have someone else's perspective. If you keep doing what you've been doing as a repeater, you're never going to pass. If you can toughen up enough to face your shortcomings and repair them, you will pass. For most repeaters that's the biggest hurdle breaking the comfort zone, acknowledging your weaknesses, and repairing them. As far as the cost, what's six more months of lost income or no income worth to you? Yeah, it's expensive, especially if you go the tutoring route (Platinum package) like I did. But, put the cost into perspective, If you fail twice and have to pay for BarBri twice (BarBri gives one free retake) that's $9-10K (Last I checked BarBri was $4.5K, but it's not getting cheaper). If you go the tutoring route with Barwinners, you're going to pass. If you're like me and have been fortunate to have a job in a firm that wants you to stay on as an attorney once you pass, then I can tell you that you're looking at making at least twice what you're making as a clerk. So the $12,000 for the Platinum Package will quite literally pay for itself in a matter of months once you pass. If the cost is the only hold up, and you want to take the class, take on some more debt (god knows its a drop in the bucket compared to the student loans), hit up family members, skip starbucks, sell your bimmer (you can justify buying a new one after you pass), and find the money. That's my speech. Good luck to any of you cursed with having to pass this exam. But, it is do-able. Barwinners, for me, was the difference maker.

Jessica Canada, EsqPlatinum Tutoring Course
Without a doubt, Barwinners was my golden ticket to passing the bar. The individual feedback I received was key to my success and I felt like I had an entire support team cheering me on the whole way

Dominique Quervado, Attorney at Law Intensive Course- Live 1st time taker
I felt like the second I spoke to you that I knew you for years. You are an amazing woman. (Holding the Barwinners Approach Book). It felt so good around you as a woman and as my teacher. You, and your Course are the best. I dig and trusted you

Steve Ibarra, Attorney at LawIntensive Course- Live 1stx Taker
I could not have passed the bar exam without Barwinners and Sheri Karney. Barwinners is truly a writing program that shows you how to write like a winner. Sheri Karney's writing approach is the most effective way to pass the bar. The best part about the program is that it motivates you to be a winner and pass the bar. Without this confidence, you cannot pass the bar

Robert Kayvon II, Attorney at Law Intensive Course 1x taker
I came into your course not knowing what to expect. Instead of a monotonous repetition of the law, like some other bar reviews, you told me what I needed to know to pass the exam the first time. I highly recommend Barwinners to anyone serious about passing the bar.” “Your course was definitely worth it. I think what a lot of people don't calculate is the exponential value of passing 6 months early and they go with a cheaper bar review that gets them no results. Six months not being an attorney is six months less experience, six months less of generating clients, and when you are coming towards the end of your career, that extra six months potentially could be worth a million $ or more. That extra $2000 they spend on your bar review over barbri is nothing in the long run. I would guess that anyone who doesn’t pass the bar after taking your class really just did not do the work. To be honest I probably did about 2/3 of all the assignments and I was way more than prepared.

Melissa Tyner, Attorney at Law Platinum Tutorial Course
I passed! Shari and the Bar Winners team gave me the personalized attention I needed to pass the exam. MBE’s: I have always struggled multiple-choice questions. With Shari's techniques and encouragement I broke through my barrier with these types of questions and my scores soared. FREQUENT SIMULATED BAR EXAMS: The frequent practice exams built up my endurance and confidence, when the bar came around I thought ``I have done this dozens of times already, I can do it again no question`` PRIVATE TUTORING: Shari and the Bar Winners team treated me as a ‘whole person’ taking the bar, not a number like in some large class. They understood the stress and privately tutored me to maintain a healthy study schedule, high MBE score, solid Performance Tests. When it came time to take the bar I was rested and ready. Thank you Shari!

Jonathan Rayas, Esq
We ALL passed the California Bar Exam the 1st time! (Elijah, Daniel, Tanya, Nicole, Dustin). You rock. Barwinners is the bomb! Thank you Shari. We love you and the Barwinners team. You made passing the California Bar Exam easier. Small classes, live, interaction, great writing and exam feedback.

Tanya Ortega, Esq. Attorney Exam Online
I LOVED BARWINNERS! The Barwinners On Line course helped me to pass the bar and achieve my goal of being a licensed CA attorney. Shari’s method and teaching was crucial in my success. I'm so glad I found out about this course after I graduated law school because BARWINNERS has proven to help out-of-state law students like myself pass the bar. I was able to watch the lectures on my computer, submit simulated exams for grading along with the Live class, and participate in every way as if I was attending the live lectures. It allowed me to work while I studied, and pass! So many former students who have taken Shari's course have all said, `` Just listen to Shari, and she will help you pass.`` They were right! I can be proud of my achievement of passing the bar all thanks to Shari and the Barwinners’ team.

David BorsackGold Tutorial Course
YOU SAVED MY LIFE. I could tell I had passed the Bar as I was taking it. My writing was so much better from your course. More concise, clearer. It's a tribute to BARWINNERS. People told me to listen to what the Course said and do exactly what you told us to do and you'll pass. And that’s exactly what I did. I'm so grateful to you. I would have never passed without you and the Course. MY ENTIRE GOLD GROUP ALSO PASSED. My study partner Mike, is now my best friend. I wanted him to pass as much as me. We both passed. Thank you again

5 star Hands down the best course money can buy. I was extremely impressed with the quality of lecturers, tutors and materials. Most importantly, the program schedule and format is extremely approachable and easier to tackle than other prep books and outlines. Taking Barwinners was perhaps one of the best decisions I've made. As a second time exam taker, it allowed me to start right back up in a large firm and go on to build a successful practice. I continue to recommend Shari's course to all peers and colleagues looking to ensure they pass the CA bar exam.
Nicole MartinPlatinum Tutorial Course

I'm a UK Attorney qualified 7 years ago before sitting for the California bar exam. The reason for my introduction is to let you know I’m set in my ways and I did not go to Law school in the USA except for one year as a LL.M. and the way we write our English in the UK is different, with all this challenges in mind I still passed the CA Bar on the 2nd attempt. (I failed the first time using a big corporation review course). Firstly I will like to let you know that studying for the Bar exam under the guidance of Barwinners and Karney may be one of your best academic decisions you've made in years. I was born and grew up in London with Nigerian descent and lived in the UK, so my writing skills were a mixture of queens and Nigerian English not American English. My husband is quite good in doing Internet research so he contacted 6 different Bar tutorial providers in California in the end my husband insisted I had to go with Shari/Barwinners. He insisted that there was something very special about Shari but he couldn't put his finger on it, but he was very confident Shari had overwhelming resources to guide me through passing the Bar successfully. I couldn't agree more and I hope you have already started seeing the benefits of Barwinners. I initially took the Bar in 2011 and failed, I studied for six weeks, I had underestimated the Bar, and After all I was already a UK attorney and had never failed an exam in my life. I was so wrong. The Bar is a totally different ball game. I failed that exam before I even took it. That's why I now that to pass the bar, you must have already passed before you even see the questions... sounds funny I know.. but I am talking about having knowledge, strategy and confidence. I followed everything in the bar winner approach book. I have to admit, I thought some didn't make sense, like rewriting the notes and making my own outlines, but I did this anyway…then I realized it made sense because it increased my retention of the law. You must learn IRAC - I had never heard of this word until I attended Shari's class. Whether you like it or not, you need it to pass the bar. You must then learn every heading in the barwinner's approach book. Of course you will forget some in the exam , but those you will remember will be enough to get you to pass. You will find that the headings, will juggle your memory and remind you of the law and then you will know how to answer every kind of question. You need to study smart. (There must be a lot of people you knew the law more than me, but still failed the bar). This is what I mean by having your strategy. Please do not per-mutate, any subject or topic can come out in the exams. You need to conquer your fears well in advance of the exam. My fear was constitutional law and civil procedure these were both alien to me but I faced it as a challenge. You must be confident with your knowledge. The first thought is usually the right one, but lack of confidence makes people change their answers to the wrong one. You must have passed the bar in your mind before you see the exam questions. On the way to my exam, I was very confident I was going to pass. I had nothing but the headings in my head and a strategy on how to answer every type of question and I knew Anne (at barwinners) had lit a candle for me. I was not disappointed. I am so sure that I would be one of the top passers of the Feb exam. Sadly, I will not be given my papers back. With barwinners, I gained my confidence, had my strategy and was going to win the Bar. Please do not waste your time studying any material that was not given to you by barwinners, it will only seek to confuse you and give you more work to do, remember study smart. Pls study hard and my prayers will be with you.
Lara ABarwinners student; provided confidentially

I took it upon myself to call my law school and let them know about Barwinners. Here’s a copy of the letter I sent to the school: I took Shari Karney's bar preparation course. It is called Barwinners/The Karney Course. It is an amazing class with wonderful faculty instructors. Shari has been teaching this class I believe for 25 years and her students' passage rate is very high. The class is a bit more expensive than other classes, however it is worth every penny. I highly recommend this class. I passed on my first try and I really believe that it was because of Shari Karney and her whole team. The professor who teaches the performance exam portion is outstanding. All the instructors, including Shari Karney were very very good. I just wanted to pass along the information because I know that nobody wants to have to go through the experience of taking the bar twice. I don't think a lot of students at school have heard about BARWINNERS and Shari Karney. Many students BARWINNERS focuses on how to write the exam which is so important since about 70% of the Bar is writing and the bar graders are looking for a certain format. It is said that a bar grader spends about 2-5 minutes only reading an essay - an essay which takes the examinee one hour to write. I really think it would be beneficial for the students to know about BARWINNERS and Shari Karney’s class.
Shizian M Barwinners student; provided confidentiallyIntensive Course

BarWinners is the ultimate bar preparation program. After tirelessly studying ad nauseam to try and pass the CA Bar I called Shari. I told her I wanted to meet in person asap. She informed me that meeting in person was impossible given there were only a couple of weeks before class started; however, she spent almost an hour on the phone with me that day assessing my weaknesses in studying for and taking the bar exam. It was incredible how she was able to pinpoint my “issues” without even looking at my exam answers. She literally just had me tell her some of my results over the phone, asked me a few questions, and then came to a preliminary conclusion on my bad habits and problems that I had previously been able to recognize. Still slightly skeptical, I talked it over with both my mentor and my family. How could this woman know me without even meeting me after just one phone conversation? It seemed like a unique program like this with an emphasis on test taking would be a good fit for me considering my discomfort with timed exams. Then, I took the leap. I signed up for the BarWinners course and the tutoring package. I can tell you now—It was the best leap I’ve EVER made. Shari’s class has been so well thought and crafted over the years. Her classes are tailored to everyone and are small enough to ensure the personal attention that everyone needs. No other program offers the number of practice tests (essay, mbe, and performance) and practical grading that BarWinners provides. I don’t have enough good things to say about this course. But know that the best part is Shari’s, Leonard’s, and Anne’s dedication to your seemingly endless journey and eventual success. BarWinners is the ultimate recipe to passing the CA Bar. Don’t waste your time enrolling in other bar prep courses. Take it from someone who has tried everything—this is the way to go! Good luck on the Bar.
Lindsay L. , Esq.

I wanted to let you know that I just checked my results online and I passed the Bar! I can't believe it; it feels amazing. Thank you so much for all your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I couldn't have done it without Barwinners. You guys are awesome!”
Betty L

Dear Dean, I am an alumnus of this Law School. You might be pleased to know that I passed the Bar on my first attempt thanks to a bar preparation course called Barwinners. Based on my mediocre grades in law school, I thought that passing the Bar would be an extremely difficult task. Luckily, I took barwinners because it allowed me to be fully prepared and confident on exam day. It was an amazing bar prep course especially with respect to its emphasis on essay writing. Compared to other law schools in Orange County our school appears to fare better than others in terms of academics. But since we typically draws a higher caliber student, I believe the bar pass rate could be a lot of higher if the law school placed more emphasis on associating itself with bar courses/programs that really work instead of allowing students to be lured into impersonal, factory-style programs. As you can see, the purpose of this email is to let you know that I had an amazing experience using Barwinners. I am not being compensated in any way for this message, but I simply feel compelled to share my positive experience. I would suggest inviting principal of Barwinners Shari Karney to the campus annually and keep her in the loop so that students will have the benefit of better options in choosing a bar prep course. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Jason GIntensive Course-1x Taker

Hi Shari, It’s Noile. I just wanted to let you know the good news. I PASSED THE BAR!! Professor, I have you to be eternally grateful for and the Course. You gave me back my confidence along with all the study materials, APPROACH BOOK, simulated exams, MBE Workshops and feedback. Your Course is the BEST. IT?S BECAUSE OF YOU THAT I?M A LAWYER TODAY! Thank you so much. I will recommend your course to anybody who is going to take the Bar. And Professor, once again, THANK YOU, so very much. Thank you
Noile SIntensive Course -Repeater

Anne-Marie Hagemeier, Esq. LL.MAttorney’s Exam Online
Hi Shari, Overall, I highly recommend Barwinners. It will prepare any applicant to take and pass the Exam. I’d be happy to talk to any attorney exam applicant about my experience with Barwinners. As you know, I was also an attorney applicant who took your course. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am that I chose to register for the Barwinners’ program. The program gave me all the tools I needed to pass the Exam. If you simply follow your instructions, any applicant can – and will – pass. What I learned through your course is that the Bar Examiners want applicants to answer essays and performance tests in a certain way. You demonstrate exactly what they are looking for. Then it is simply up to each Barwinners student to learn, memorize and apply what you have showed us during the Exam. You gave us lots of practice doing this with Barwinners Simulated Exams and excellent, detailed essay and Performance Test feedback. Barwinners made working while studying for the Exam possible. I worked and found the program to be great. The online lectures are 1-2 hours each, which are very manageable. Also helpful are the 3-4 practice exams (with graded feedback) that are administered. Finally, I really appreciated that Shari got to know me personally. I would often call or email with various questions, and I really valued the fact that you took the time to personally respond to me.

Rob Clancy, Attorney at LawAttorneys Exam Course
As the swearing in date approaches (June 6) I wanted to personally thank you and the Barwinners Team for your positive attitude, jokes, and the Fuji apples you provided during class? Great program! I recommend it to any out-of-state attorneys who wants to pass the Attorney's Exam in California. Make your life easier. Take Barwinners (best program) the first time. Great program!``

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