Sylvia M Barwinners student; provided confidentially.

May31, 2017
by baradmin

I graduated Loyola and did not pass the BAR the first time. As most law students, initially, I signed up with Barbri because they were on campus and I did not know what other options existed. After taking the BAR, I was recommended to Shari Karney’s Course from a few of her previous students. I was extremely pleased with Shari’s Course/The Karney Course and was successful in passing the BAR. I owed it to her incredible program especially the Approach Book and the rest of the Course materials. The Approach Book was a lifesaver. (Before, when I studied for the bar, I tried to use these huge volumes of bar review materials. I didn’t know what to memorize, and how to apply what was in these massive books.) The Approach Book saved me and got me through the bar, along with her question and answer books, MBE book, and Performance materials. The materials honed everything down, focused me, taught me what to memorize, and how to apply it. Every book the Course provided, and all the instructors, were top draw. Her course provided me with a strategy and technique that worked for me. Shari took the time to get to know me personally and my weaknesses and trained me personally to pass the BAR. In addition, her positive re-enforcement and nurturing qualities gave me the confidence that I was lacking after failing. I wish that I would have known about her course the first time I took the bar. It would have saved me from the emotional trauma and financial impact of not passing.