Sara J. King, Esq. Attorney at Law – Tutoring

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Barwinners SAVED me! I have to say thank you to Shari Karney and Barwinners for pulling me out of my panic and refocusing me on how to pass the bar exam. I signed up for Barbri and three weeks before the bar exam, the program ended and I was left with stacks of outlines, only a few graded essays and no real guidance on what to do between then and the bar exam. After a full mental breakdown, I called Shari for private tutoring. Shari turned my breakdown into breakthrough. She transformed me and helped me to identify what areas I was still struggling with, personally went over each practice exam she had assigned, and most importantly, empowered me with the confidence in myself to pass the exam. Taking the practice exams with Barwinners and receiving such detailed feedback, I felt prepared for anything that could show up on exam day. After leaving each tutoring session, a feeling of calm came over me and I felt excited to take the exam, rather than fear and anxiety. I can’t thank Shari Karney and Barwinners enough! If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t think twice about choosing Barwinners!