Early Smart Start (“ESS”) Bar Review –ADD ON




BarWinners Smart Start Early Start Bar Review Course begins four months before the Bar Exam that combines
substantive law video lectures, BarWinners written materials with essay, multiple choice “MBE”, and
Performance training. BarWinners also provides a California Bar Exam Expert Mentor, who is a licensed
California attorney for early online coaching and guidance. The most experienced mentors in the field. We are
the very best at what we do. Professor Shari Karney, Owner & Creator, Masterminds and Oversees your
bar exam success.

This Smart Start™ Program is an add-on early online bar review preparation start. This
program can be added to any of the BarWinners Courses and Programs. (Smart Start does
not include early start tutorial services unless by special arrangement with BarWinners.)
This program can only be taken as an add-on to enrollment in a BarWinners California Bar
Review Course.

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