Online Intensive Course




Complete Bar Review Preparation includes: All Streaming Video Lectures Structured daily schedule
The Approach Book “Bar Bible” Bar Question and Answer Books Vol I and II, Suggested Answers,
BarWinners Model Answers and Cut Sheets, outlines, lectures, Performance Tests, and MBE
questions & explanations Performance Test Workshop, Simulated Performance Exams, grading and
feedback, Licensed California Attorney Mentor for every student. Mentor is seasoned bar exam
expert, Simulated Practice Bar Exam Essays, quality feedback, grading & turn around time.

Shari Karney, Owner & Creator, Masterminds and Oversees your bar exam success.


Total: $6649.00 (includes all Books and Materials)
Deposit Amount: $3324.50 (You must pay 100% of Course tuition in order to
receive access to Course video online streaming content).


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