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What is it That Makes Our Team the Best at What We Do?

Who We Are

Simply put, we are expert faculty helping you pass the Bar Exam. BarWinners attorney professors are California licensed attorneys and highly trained California bar exam experts. Our team are specialists in the complexities of the California Exam. It is our area of expertise. We devote our lives to it.


Every student is assigned a licensed California attorney bar exam expert mentor, trained in the BarWinners methods and techniques to help you pass the Bar.


Our California licensed attorney tutors are the best tutors in the field — experienced, trained and knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding. The BarWinners tutorial team, trained in the BarWinners methodology and approach, have prepared first time takers, bar exam takers with testing accommodations, repeat bar takers, bar takers with unique needs, and out-of- state lawyers, partners and others from top law firms, government agencies, clerkships, corporations and more to pass the California Bar Exam.

Consistent Bar Review Instruction

The BarWinners’ team are bar specialists– professors, tutors, mentors, and graders are trained in the BarWinners’ methods and techniques. They are all California licensed attorneys. We are the very best at what we do. When taking any Barwinners California Bar Review Course, you receive consistent instruction, personal attention, and opportunities to write and submit scheduled simulated bar examinations. We believe that individual, helpful; grading feedback is essential to passing the California Bar Exam. Our graders are all BarWinners’ trained and licensed California attorney graders.

Personalized Caring Service

Our entire team of seasoned bar exam experts; tutors and mentors are standing by to help you in any way possible. BarWinners is supportive, caring, helpful, and motivating. We see you and know you, and we not will allow you to fall through the cracks.

Take a Look at the Team That Will Help You Pass The Bar.

Professor Shari Karney, Esq.

Owner, Creator, BarWinners-Professor

Professor Shari Karney is a licensed California Attorney specializing in children’s rights. She founded BarWinners-The Karney Writing Course in 1982. She is the author of the highly regarded and esteemed, Approach Book, “Bar Bible”. Professor Karney is a seasoned California Bar Exam expert. She was one of the first pioneers to provide the highest level of skilled one-on- one private tutoring, using a team of bar exam experts for the California Bar Exam. Her bar exam techniques, methods, communication skills and work with bar takers are unmatched. Ms. Karney has been getting students through the bar exam for over 30 years.

She has served as an adjunct law professor for nineteen years.


“I love teaching and seeing the light turn on in your eyes. I know what it’s like to have a dream, and want to fulfill your life’s purpose. I believe in you and know that you have everything it takes to pass the California Bar Exam. After all, you’ve already graduated law school and achieved a high level of success. You are smart and you can pass.”

Shari Karney, Esq.

*Ms. Karney helped change the law in California for victims of child sexual abuse extending the statue of limitations (CCP 340.1) and a television movie was made about her life.

Professor Jennifer Mertus, Esq.

Whittier Law School

Professor Mertus knows exactly what the graders are looking for and passes this information on to you. She has mentored, supported, and helped student pass the CA bar exam for over 10 years. Professor Mertus is skilled instructor and communicator and BarWinners appreciates her teaching abilities, knowledge and professionalism, in helping our students pass the California Bar. She is a Professor of Lawyering Skills, and Director, China Study Abroad Program, Whittier Law School.

Professor Anne Wells, Esq.

Academic Support, LLS.

Professor Anne Wells is the Assistant Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs and Clinical Professor at Loyola Law School.  A graduate of Loyola, she currently teaches Professional Responsibility, Law & Process, Legal Drafting, and has taught Legal Writing. She has lectured for Barwinners Bar Review course on the subjects of Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure and the Performance Exam. Professor Wells is an outstanding communicator, legal writer and teacher. It is a privilege to have Professor Wells on our team.

Leonard Ludovico

Bar Exam Study Facilitator and Noted Hypnotherapist

Mr. Ludovico has been helping BarWinners students pass the California Bar for 14 years.

With Mr. Ludovico’s help, tutorial students are able to recognize and adjust behaviors as needed to help them pass the bar and perform their best. Mr. Ludovico identifies what needs to be done during the first 20 minutes of your first session. He then works with your tutor as needed.

Many tutorial students have told us that they would not have been able to pass the California Bar Exam without Mr. Ludovico’s insight and help. Student learn from Mr. Ludovico’s work with their tutor that sometimes there are things that are keeping them from their goal that they aren’t even aware of.

BarWinners Bar Study Facilitator has helped students overcome much of their anxiety that prevents bar takers from thinking clearly and articulating thoughts into well organized, passing essays. Mr. Ludovico is able to help bar takers prevent panic attacks and exam anxiety from taking over, and shutting them down during the bar exam.

Passing the bar is not simply about knowing the law but keeping your composure under exam conditions to do your best. Mr. Ludovico is able to give the tutor information that will specifically helps the student take the exam with less stress and with more confidence.

We are honored to have Mr. Ludovico’s contribution to our tutorial team.

* (His hypnotherapy services are also available at an additional cost).

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