Ohla Datsko, Attorney at Law

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Thank you Barwinners!!!!!!!! I passed the February 2015 California bar exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was an LL.M. student at UCLA and as if the bar exam is not already hard to pass, it is much more difficult to pass as an LL.M. student. Barwinners guided me from the beginning until the end and throughout the whole process I felt that Shari and the Barwinners team truly care about my success on this exam. The Barwinners Approach book is a treasure. It lays out the rules the way they should be memorized and written on the bar exam. The Approach Book organizes the rules exactly how bar graders want to see them. Every possible issue tested on the bar exam is covered by the Approach Book. I knew exactly what to write for every essay on the exam and exactly what issues were being tested. There were no surprises on exam day and there was nothing that I haven’t seen before. Shari is wonderful! She was always easy to reach and convinced me that I will pass every time I felt discouraged. Thank you Shari and thank you Barwinners!