Nelly P

May31, 2017
by baradmin

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you and the others at barwinners for enabling me to pass the California Bar Exam this time. I applied your knowledge and techniques and they all worked wonders! Your course is so complete that no other review course is necessary. I loved your MBE and Performance Test programs because they enabled me to tackle any question. Your outlines and practice tests are so detailed that I believe the BAR could not have asked a question that I was unprepared to answer. I knew going into the exam that I was going to pass it this time. How’s that for confidence? You may recall that following my automobile accident, and resultant head trauma, I thought practicing law was out of reach for me because prior higher learning had been erased so well and I was already nearly finished with law school. Fortunately, medical science was able to fully restore my brain and you restored my lost learning. In fact, you may recall, that I was unable to take a few bar classes in school due to the accident. I relied solely upon your superb outlines, lectures, and study materials to teach me those subjects. Add that to your proven test-taking techniques and voila tout! I passed! I have recommended your course to others and will continue to do so, especially since I had already tried, unsuccessfully, to get the help I needed from Barbri. Anyone who would rather take the Bar Exam once–as opposed to several times–should enroll with your course first, because nothing more will be needed.