Matt Briggs, Esq. – Tutoring

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Shari, Thank you so much for taking me last minute last February. I passed the Feb 2015 CA bar after failing in July. I had done Barbri and Kaplan and neither of them taught me how to write a passing essay. After you read my previous bar essays you immediately identified my problem and in just two hours with your team I had gained the confidence in myself that I could pass this test. I had a plan of attack to take on this test. During the test I freaked out but just kept saying if I did what Leonard told me to just play the game and not to get fancy I would be ok. I treated what you guys told me as the word of god and here I am with my license. I cannot thank you guys enough. Of my study group from law school, I was the bottom scorer in July and this test I was the only one who passed! I didn’t want to check online and then they all texted me that they failed! Finally two hours later I checked and my name was on the list! Thanks again I cannot recommend you enough to everyone I meet who can’t write a decent (passing) essay.