Lindsay L. , Esq.

May31, 2017
by baradmin

BarWinners is the ultimate bar preparation program. After tirelessly studying ad nauseam to try and pass the CA Bar I called Shari. I told her I wanted to meet in person asap. She informed me that meeting in person was impossible given there were only a couple of weeks before class started; however, she spent almost an hour on the phone with me that day assessing my weaknesses in studying for and taking the bar exam. It was incredible how she was able to pinpoint my “issues” without even looking at my exam answers. She literally just had me tell her some of my results over the phone, asked me a few questions, and then came to a preliminary conclusion on my bad habits and problems that I had previously been able to recognize. Still slightly skeptical, I talked it over with both my mentor and my family. How could this woman know me without even meeting me after just one phone conversation? It seemed like a unique program like this with an emphasis on test taking would be a good fit for me considering my discomfort with timed exams. Then, I took the leap. I signed up for the BarWinners course and the tutoring package. I can tell you now—It was the best leap I’ve EVER made. Shari’s class has been so well thought and crafted over the years. Her classes are tailored to everyone and are small enough to ensure the personal attention that everyone needs. No other program offers the number of practice tests (essay, mbe, and performance) and practical grading that BarWinners provides. I don’t have enough good things to say about this course. But know that the best part is Shari’s, Leonard’s, and Anne’s dedication to your seemingly endless journey and eventual success. BarWinners is the ultimate recipe to passing the CA Bar. Don’t waste your time enrolling in other bar prep courses. Take it from someone who has tried everything—this is the way to go! Good luck on the Bar.