Lara A – Barwinners student; provided confidentially

May31, 2017
by baradmin

I’m a UK Attorney qualified 7 years ago before sitting for the California bar exam. The reason for my introduction is to let you know I’m set in my ways and I did not go to Law school in the USA except for one year as a LL.M. and the way we write our English in the UK is different, with all this challenges in mind I still passed the CA Bar on the 2nd attempt. (I failed the first time using a big corporation review course). Firstly I will like to let you know that studying for the Bar exam under the guidance of Barwinners and Karney may be one of your best academic decisions you’ve made in years. I was born and grew up in London with Nigerian descent and lived in the UK, so my writing skills were a mixture of queens and Nigerian English not American English. My husband is quite good in doing Internet research so he contacted 6 different Bar tutorial providers in California in the end my husband insisted I had to go with Shari/Barwinners. He insisted that there was something very special about Shari but he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he was very confident Shari had overwhelming resources to guide me through passing the Bar successfully. I couldn’t agree more and I hope you have already started seeing the benefits of Barwinners. I initially took the Bar in 2011 and failed, I studied for six weeks, I had underestimated the Bar, and After all I was already a UK attorney and had never failed an exam in my life. I was so wrong. The Bar is a totally different ball game. I failed that exam before I even took it. That’s why I now that to pass the bar, you must have already passed before you even see the questions… sounds funny I know.. but I am talking about having knowledge, strategy and confidence. I followed everything in the bar winner approach book. I have to admit, I thought some didn’t make sense, like rewriting the notes and making my own outlines, but I did this anyway…then I realized it made sense because it increased my retention of the law. You must learn IRAC – I had never heard of this word until I attended Shari’s class. Whether you like it or not, you need it to pass the bar. You must then learn every heading in the barwinner’s approach book. Of course you will forget some in the exam , but those you will remember will be enough to get you to pass. You will find that the headings, will juggle your memory and remind you of the law and then you will know how to answer every kind of question. You need to study smart. (There must be a lot of people you knew the law more than me, but still failed the bar). This is what I mean by having your strategy. Please do not per-mutate, any subject or topic can come out in the exams. You need to conquer your fears well in advance of the exam. My fear was constitutional law and civil procedure these were both alien to me but I faced it as a challenge. You must be confident with your knowledge. The first thought is usually the right one, but lack of confidence makes people change their answers to the wrong one. You must have passed the bar in your mind before you see the exam questions. On the way to my exam, I was very confident I was going to pass. I had nothing but the headings in my head and a strategy on how to answer every type of question and I knew Anne (at barwinners) had lit a candle for me. I was not disappointed. I am so sure that I would be one of the top passers of the Feb exam. Sadly, I will not be given my papers back. With barwinners, I gained my confidence, had my strategy and was going to win the Bar. Please do not waste your time studying any material that was not given to you by barwinners, it will only seek to confuse you and give you more work to do, remember study smart. Pls study hard and my prayers will be with you.