Joan L Barwinners student; provided confidentially – Gold Tutorial- repeat bar taker

May31, 2017
by baradmin

It was sooo good to talk to you today. Again, I just wanted to thank you, my tutor, Leonard, and your administrator for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. Leonard’s insights were so immediate and accurate that it took me by surprise. But when I thought about what he said, he was so correct about me. I was hiding and it was hard for me to step forward. He is a master at what he does. I felt lucky to have him help me. We all were lucky to have Leonard’s insight and input. I also thought the tutorial sessions were extremely helpful and the advice you gave me was invaluable when it came to writing essays. You are a genius at understanding what each person needs and giving it to them. You do it subtly, with a giving heart. It was breathe taking watching you work your magic imperceptibly, like a conductor, leading the orchestra to make beautiful music. I also wanted to say that Stephanie’s advice during the individual group sessions was immeasurable. My tutor gave me such good pointers on the performance test that I truly believed that put my points over the top. Both of you stressed the importance of writing every single issue and not to skip it; if the issue is there, put it down and not to second guess myself. Your administrator, and her inspirational note cards and support really relaxed me and made me feel cared about and watched over. She is a great “mother“ to Barwinners students. I followed everyone’s advice and I succeeded. I am still pinching myself thinking that this is all a dream. But after a momentary lapse, I realize that I did put in a lot of work and that I was given great advice. Thanks again!!!