Jeremy Black, Esq – Intensive Course (Live) 1x taker

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Dear Shari, I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful California bar review course. As you know, I passed the bar and I am certain it is because of your bar review course. Here’s what I loved: APPROACH BOOK: Specifically the course outlines (“Bar Bible”) were excellent. They gave an overview of the subject matter without getting bogged down in the details. Since the bar exam is a basic test of one’s knowledge of the law, the outlines were perfect. The approaches were simple and straightforward. When I was taking the bar, I was able to read the questions and immediately think back to the approaches and know exactly what to write and how to lay it out. This saved me so much time that I actually finished the first essay exam early! PERSONAL ATTENTION: Another aspect of your bar review course that I loved was the personal attention that you showed to each of us. The encouraging phone calls and honest assessments of my progress were such help in keeping me motivated and on task. GRADING FEEDBACK: Having each practice test personally graded was also helpful in measuring where were in terms of readiness for passing the California bar. Having the detailed feedback with both positive and negative comments was a big factor in my success. CLASSES: I did attend every single class and practice test, which I believe was critical to my success. However, I didn’t study nearly as hard as my study partner Allie, who studied double to what I did. But we both did pass the California Bar Exam with your help and bar review course. I guess it goes to show that everyone is different in his or her approach and it also shows how incredible and effective your bar review course and materials are in preparing someone for the California bar exam. In short, I was extremely pleased with your bar review course and would recommend it to anyone planning to take and pass the California bar exam. Thank you again for everything. Be Blessed.