Jennifer Alton, Esq – Online Intensive Course Repeater

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Indeed, this is a dream come true. After taking the bar several times, I had begun to lose hope, until I enrolled in the Karney Writing Course. I know, with absolute conviction, that I passed the bar as a result of taking KWC. If I were to advise another on the reasons I passed the bar, I would say there are three. First, I wanted it with every fiber in my being. Second, I did everything Shari Karney said to do, exactly as she said to do it. Third, and perhaps most important, when Shari said “whatever is going on in your life, is showing up as an obstacle on the exam” I GOT IT! Meaning; I was holding back in my life, and thus, I was holding back on the exam. This was truly an enlightening moment. Once I had this breakthrough, I was able to conquer the bar exam once and for all.