Gano Lemoine, Lemoine Law Firm – Executive Attorney Course

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Yes, I recommend the course – strongly. Here are the highlights of why I believe Shari’s course (Barwinners) is MUCH better than say, BarBri or other bar review courses. First, the outlines are condensed – for example, torts isn’t 150 pages of every detail about tort law. It is approximately 50 pages of the information that you need to know. So the unimportant information doesn’t get in the way of your focus on the critical information. Then, the DVDs briefly review and reemphasize what is commonly tested, so there’s even more emphasizing what’s important and de-emphasizing what’s not. Secondly, the DVDs continuously stress how to write the answer. What to do and what not to do, so you continuously maximize your use of time, AND maximize you potential score – hit the “buzz words“ or the issues needed to get as many points available By way of background, I finished law school in 1992 – been out and practicing for a long time. While that’s good in a way, it also means that I had forgotten my “test taking“ skills from law school. Also, I sat for the Louisiana bar in 1992, and passed; then for the Mississippi Bar in 1993, and passed. But I believe the testing skills the course emphasizes made this my best “test taking“ performance of the three exams – despite having been away from “test taking“ experience for so long. Thirdly, with the course – and a very large part of why it costs more than other courses – you get very specific, hands on guidance and feedback on your practice exams. I’ve listed this as “third,“ but its CRITICAL and a very, very beneficial thing. “My exam grader and Online Learning Tutor worked with me over the weeks preceding the Bar exam to shape and improve my exam PERFORMANCE – make my answers better – sometimes he worked with me to make them substantively better; but more often and more importantly he worked with me to make them qualitatively better. Such that even if I didn’t know the substantive law on that particular question, I would answer the question in a way that still allowed me to pull sufficient points. While my Online Learning Tutor and I didn’t always agree, I know it greatly improved my performance – and I can compare that to my two previous (and successful) bar exam experiences. Lastly – the “Performance Test“ instruction – this was PHENOMENAL. Without this instruction on how to read, organize and take the Performance Test portion of the exam, I can’t imagine doing well on this section. And remember that it’s 1/3 of the score. Outstanding. I’m pretty thrifty. But I also didn’t have much time to study for the exam – I signed up for the course about 5 or 6 weeks out. But I have no doubt that the course is better focused, and provides better instruction and guidance than other courses, and particularly the BarBri course. As to the cost, over the course of your career a few thousand extra dollars is nothing. Over the course of the FIRST year, if you pass the first time, a few thousand dollars extra is nothing.“