Erick P – Barwinners student; provided confidentially

May31, 2017
by baradmin

What was good about the videos is that it was more than just the substantive law discussion. In the lectures, you provided a good framework or roadmap for tackling the questions and the bar exam in general – i.e., when you get this type of question, here is what you need to do ….. “boom, boom, boom“ and then you plug in the analysis and you are on your way. I also liked how you kept everything in perspective – i.e., this is not rocket science, here is what the bar examiners are looking for, this is what you need to focus on (no more, no less), the goal is to finish the marathon (you don’t need to come in first place), etc., etc. There was also a lot of good positive reinforcement and encouragement – i.e., stay focused, do this, and you will succeed. As somebody who was sitting alone in my office until 11 pm on Friday nights studying, taking practice exams, scanning and faxing answers to the graders, it was a lonely process, so the words of encouragement were vital. I also liked the lectures on the practicals …even though I only had time to watch two of them. At least I had a good game plan once I got to the exam. At the end of the day, the key for me were the practice tests taken under true exam conditions (as painful as they were). It forced you to get your act together. After some of the low grades that I got on questions, I knew that there was no scope for letting up. On the other hand, some good scores gave me some glimmers of hope as well. It really was a wake up call for me when I talked to you. It had been over 20 years since I took my last bar, so I wasn’t overconfident, but I quickly realized after talking with you (I think that it was either June 6th or 7th) that I needed to take things seriously. I started watching the videos the first night I got them, and then was taking the first practice exam the first weekend. Pretty overwhelming for me. Anyway, thanks again. I’ll certainly be a champion of yours for any attorneys that want to discuss. Just let me know. Also, I hope that everybody else did well