Danielle DuCaine, Attorney at Law – Platinum Tutorial Course-Testimonial #2

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Barwinners and the personalized one-on-one private tutorials with Shari Karney and her “Bar-Exam Fix-it Specialist,” Leonard changed my life. As a repeater, I felt incredible anxiety and pressure to pass the exam. Living in fear of the experience, I avoided the responsibility and commitment that preparation for the exam requires. Shari and Leonard taught me that in order to confront my anxiety towards the exam I would have to address the root cause. With their guidance and support, I learned to take responsibility for my actions. As the exam date approached, I became increasingly focused and confident. What began, as a dreaded experience became one of the most personally satisfying and happy periods of my life. Armed with new coping tools, I overcame years of fear, anxiety and self-doubt and took the bar exam with determination and passed. For anyone who struggles with the pressures of the bar exam, this course really will change your life. (I liked Barwinners so much that I had to write a second testimonial!)