Anne-Marie Hagemeier, Esq. LL.M – Attorney’s Exam Online

May31, 2017
by baradmin

Hi Shari, Overall, I highly recommend Barwinners. It will prepare any applicant to take and pass the Exam. I’d be happy to talk to any attorney exam applicant about my experience with Barwinners. As you know, I was also an attorney applicant who took your course. I cannot stress enough how thankful I am that I chose to register for the Barwinners’ program. The program gave me all the tools I needed to pass the Exam. If you simply follow your instructions, any applicant can – and will – pass. What I learned through your course is that the Bar Examiners want applicants to answer essays and performance tests in a certain way. You demonstrate exactly what they are looking for. Then it is simply up to each Barwinners student to learn, memorize and apply what you have showed us during the Exam. You gave us lots of practice doing this with Barwinners Simulated Exams and excellent, detailed essay and Performance Test feedback. Barwinners made working while studying for the Exam possible. I worked and found the program to be great. The online lectures are 1-2 hours each, which are very manageable. Also helpful are the 3-4 practice exams (with graded feedback) that are administered. Finally, I really appreciated that Shari got to know me personally. I would often call or email with various questions, and I really valued the fact that you took the time to personally respond to me.