Alex Massari – Repeater, Platinum Tutorial Course

May31, 2017
by baradmin

5 Stars I just passed the July 2015 Bar Exam after failed attempts. I struggled through BarBri and BarMax unsuccessfully. Finally, I found Barwinners. I did exactly what you all are doing now, I read reviews, I scoured the internet for information, and talked to previous students. The bottom-line is, if you buy in to their methods, you’ll pass. The goal for repeaters is to change what you’re doing. My problem was the essays and PTs. I thought I would eventually pass if I just kept expanding my grasp of the law. Wrong. I didn’t realize that to pass the Bar, you must play the Bar’s game. That’s what Barwinners will teach you, how to play the Bar’s game. Their is an extremely specific structure to writing for the Bar and if you haven’t figured it out in Law School you won’t, magically, figure it out prepping in BarBri. I had knowledge of the law, my MBE’s showed that as I always tested in the 65% range. It was obviously my essays and PT. Those to sections have less to do with the actual law and more to do with your ability to analyze and organize. Barbri won’t do that, they can’t, their courses are too big and their tutors are spread too thin. BarBri may work for those of you that figured out how to really handle an essay in Law School, but for those of you who were like me and just trying to stay afloat you’re going to have to learn the skill of handling the essays for the Bar. Again, that’s what you get from Barwinners. By the time I finished Barwinners I was routinely getting 70s and I felt like I had turned the PTs from a weakness to a strength. I felt like I was attacking, dare I say enjoying, the PTs by the end. That’s confidence Barwinners will give you. However, If you think Barwinners is just some program that you sign up for and it will do the work for you, it won’t work. Nothing works with that approach. But, if you apply the things they teach, learn from the feedback, you’ll pass. Barwinners is great about giving you a few tasks for each section of the Bar, and if you can committ to those small tasks, they’ll make all the difference. You’ll see what I mean when you get into the program. If you’re considering the Platinum Package, do what you can to make it happen. My Tutor, Joseph, was invaluable to me. He stayed on top of me, Identified my issues, and got me over that fear I spoke of above by putting me on the right track mentally. Per Shari’s and my tutor’s recommendations, I minimized my time spent on MBEs and focused almost entirely on Essays. Prior to Barwinners, I would avoid writing practice exams. I did this almost entirely out of fear, fear of not knowing how to handle an essay and fear that comes with that realization. Barwinners will get you over that fear. Don’t get me wrong, the tutoring sessions can be extraordinarily uncomfortable. During a session you’ll have your tutor, Leonard, and Shari all there. At time you’ll feel very beaten up, because they will bring your weaknesses to your attention. But, to really make any type of change, you have to be made to feel uncomfortable and you have to have someone else’s perspective. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing as a repeater, you’re never going to pass. If you can toughen up enough to face your shortcomings and repair them, you will pass. For most repeaters that’s the biggest hurdle breaking the comfort zone, acknowledging your weaknesses, and repairing them. As far as the cost, what’s six more months of lost income or no income worth to you? Yeah, it’s expensive, especially if you go the tutoring route (Platinum package) like I did. But, put the cost into perspective, If you fail twice and have to pay for BarBri twice (BarBri gives one free retake) that’s $9-10K (Last I checked BarBri was $4.5K, but it’s not getting cheaper). If you go the tutoring route with Barwinners, you’re going to pass. If you’re like me and have been fortunate to have a job in a firm that wants you to stay on as an attorney once you pass, then I can tell you that you’re looking at making at least twice what you’re making as a clerk. So the $12,000 for the Platinum Package will quite literally pay for itself in a matter of months once you pass. If the cost is the only hold up, and you want to take the class, take on some more debt (god knows its a drop in the bucket compared to the student loans), hit up family members, skip starbucks, sell your bimmer (you can justify buying a new one after you pass), and find the money. That’s my speech. Good luck to any of you cursed with having to pass this exam. But, it is do-able. Barwinners, for me, was the difference maker.