Alana Chazan, Attorney at Law – Platinum Tutorial Course

May31, 2017
by baradmin

I FINALLY did it! I passed the bar exam. This was my 5th time taking the California Bar Exam and I know that it was Barwinners, my tutor, my study group, and especially YOU and Leonard that made the difference. Like many bar takers, I had always been a great student and overachiever who was shocked when I didn’t pass the bar exam on my first try, let alone my second, third, and fourth try. I could not figure out what it was that I was doing wrong and how to stop making the same mistakes. I tried BarBri, Kaplan and other bar programs and nothing else came even close to the personal attention and education that I was given at Barwinners. Barwinners was first recommended to me after the results of my 2nd attempt at the CA bar. I went online, looked at the website and immediately decided not to take it because of the cost. Instead, I tried other courses that were less money and I continued to get the same close but ultimately failing bar score. I wasted two years and thousands of dollars on other courses that taught me nothing new. Finally after my 4th attempt I was nearly ready to give up on the bar but then decided to try one more time. I called Shari, and within 30 minutes of our first phone call, without having even met, she nailed every single one of my problem issues by just talking to me on the phone. BarWinners is not your typical bar course, because it far exceeds what you will get in other courses. There are no video taped lectures, every lecture is in person with an actual teacher who answers questions. Shari is invested in each of her students and helps students put together realistic study calendars, study groups that help students with accountability, and tutors and teachers who give extensive and useful feedback, not just an anonymous score. Leonard provides a psychological aspect to the tutoring by recognizing what mental blocks are keeping smart students from passing a passable exam. With Leonard’s help I was able to address many of my issues around time management, perfectionism, and general stubbornness that were holding me back. With Shari and my tutor’s help, I was able to recognize that I knew the law, but that I needed to work on how to show that to the graders of the exam. Furthermore, my entire study group, which included a 2nd time taker, a 4th time taker, and myself, ALL passed! I am so grateful to Shari for everything.