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Meghan Gallagher (New York Law School)

Testimonials: First-Time Taker
Daniel is amazing! He offered me a flexible bar prep program that worked for my needs and timeline. I had limited time to study for the California bar exam and Daniel was amazing at helping me pinpoint the areas I needed to focus on and where I could earn points for a passing score! He was extremely knowledgeable about the exam, the scoring, and the material. Thanks to Daniel I passed on the first time. I would highly recommend BarWinners to anyone taking the bar exam. I couldn’t have asked for a better bar prep experience!

Angela Greenspan (Santa Barbara College of Law)

Testimonials: Repeat Taker
I took the bar exam for the first time in February 2020 and failed. When I began studying for the October 2020 bar exam, I knew I needed a new strategy. I learned from what didn’t work the first time. But I also reached out to leverage my resources to help me do whatever it took to pass the 2nd try. Daniel offered workshops on the MBE, Essays, and PT through my law school. I took all of them. After the workshops, he offered to review a sample and give feedback. Upon reviewing my essay and PT, instead of sharing short written feedback like other bar prep courses I had taken, we had a phone call to discuss the areas that I could improve. He went above and beyond in helping me to pass. Daniel helped me create a plan of attack for the Performance Test and guided me on the timing. The October 2020 bar exam was administered online for the first time in history. Taking the bar exam online was nerve-wracking, but we developed a plan, and I practiced it repeatedly. Doing the PT without paper was a challenge but practicing under timed conditions with a strategy to follow led to my success. Daniel checked in with me periodically to make sure I was on track. Nowhere else did I receive such individualized support and level of encouragement. He even checked in with me the week before the exam to answer questions and keep me on track for the final push. I don’t know what I would have done without his support. I wish I knew about Bar Winners the first time but so thankful to have Daniel’s expert guidance to succeed the second time!! I passed! Thank you, Daniel, for all of your support in helping me achieve this!

Flora Kontilis-Shrake

Testimonials: Repeat Taker
BarWinners is a must for successful bar prep. This program came highly recommended, and I’m very happy with my decision to work with Daniel. I was a repeat taker. When I was looking for a study aid this time, I wanted something that offered me a personal-trainer but for bar prep. Daniel was just that and more. He held me accountable and tailored my study schedule to meet my strengths and weaknesses. In the end, we designed a plan that he said would get me to pass, and it did! I would have worked with him again either way, but I would also highly recommend his program to others! Thanks, Daniel!

Kelly Stone (University of Tulsa)

Testimonials: Attorney Taker
Daniel’s bar prep course is a perfect tool to organize your studies and keep you focused to pass the California bar. I was already licensed in another jurisdiction and needed help with the essay writing portion. The organized study schedule and materials as well as the continuous individual feedback from Daniel and his team assisted me so that I was able to pass the exam. I have 3 small children under the age of eleven, a full-time job, a husband that works full time, elderly parents, and a sister in hospice, and even though all 3 of my children came home 24/7 to continue schooling due to the pandemic, I was able to adjust my study schedule to the pandemic schedule. Additionally, Daniel quickly adjusted his study plans when the bar changed the exam from in-person to remote testing. Thank you for your invaluable guidance and support Daniel!

Matt Anderson

Testimonials: First-Time Taker
I used BarWinners to study for the February 2020 attorney exam. The program works. By sticking to the schedule, doing the work, and using Dan as a resource, I walked into the exam feeling calm and confident and passed on the first try. What sets BarWinners apart from other test prep companies is Dan’s accessibility and hands-on approach. Any time I had a question, he was available by phone and email to walk me through it until I was comfortable. He also graded and provided substantive feedback on every essay I wrote, which I found to be an invaluable resource. I give BarWinners and Dan my highest recommendation.

Andrea Gomez

Testimonials: Attorney Taker
“I recently took the CA State Bar attorney’s exam, after having been in practice in another state for a little under ten years, far removed from my first exam experience. I chose the BarWinner’s prep course because of it’s great reviews and because it appeared to be the only quality program with a specific focus on the attorney’s exam. I took the BarWinners Early Smart Start Course and the Full Attorney’s Course that follows, both highly recommended. The materials were excellent. They are tailored to the attorney’s exam, and helped me learn the concepts needed, identifying those that were more likely to appear than others and a recommended way to tackle each type of question. Daniel was also a great help. He helped me develop strategies that worked for me and tailored them to fit my schedule, as I was also working full-time while studying. He was always available for questions and help, and always followed up with me to check my progress. In my opinion, the exam is one of the more difficult state licensing exams with a heavy focus on analysis. I passed the exam on my first attempt, thankfully, but couldn’t have done it without Daniel and BarWinners. Thanks, Daniel!” – Andrea M. Gomez (Attorney Exam Taker)

John Vaughan – Rutgers Law School

Testimonials: Attorney Taker
“I would not have passed the California Bar exam without Daniel’s tutoring. I worked full time while studying for the bar exam, and Daniel worked with me to create a study plan that allowed me the flexibility to study after work and on weekends. Daniel was always there for me during my bar exam prep: to answer questions, to give me advice on how to approach a particular topic, and to give me candid feedback about my strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, Daniel really wanted me to pass, and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I did. If you are a practicing lawyer admitted in other states, you may be tempted to study on your own and rely on your experience to carry you through the California Bar exam. You cannot study on your own and expect to pass. You need to learn how to write for the California examiners. You need to understand the law (and California distinctions), but you also need to know how to present your knowledge to the California Bar examiners in order to get full credit for every answer. If you work with Daniel and follow his approach, you will only need to take this exam once.” – John Vaughan (Attorney Exam Taker, Rutgers Law School)

Christina Wilson, Santa Barbara College of Law

Testimonials: Repeat Taker
“I would highly recommend BARWINNERS to those looking to tackle the California Bar Exam. I began Daniel Garrett’s program during my third attempt at passing the exam. Knowing the law is not sufficient to pass this exam. You need to be able to apply that law to the facts at hand in a clear and concise manner. Daniel and his program were there for me every step of the way with his individualized and straight forward approach. He taught me how to improve upon the writing skills I already possessed, and he gave me new skills necessary to clearly communicate my knowledge and application of the law. Daniel has wonderful insight of what bar exam graders are looking for in essays and the performance test. I also struggled with the MBEs throughout law school, but Daniel taught me a straightforward way to approach the MBE. With his MBE approach, I was able to focus on what the question is really asking/testing while not getting bogged down or diverted by distractions in the question. Most importantly, Daniel was a supportive and constructive tutor. His critiques and comments on the essays were exceedingly helpful and focused on my specific weak points. In my first two attempts, I used BarBri bar review and felt their style was not personalized enough. Daniel makes sure that you know you are more than just a number with his individualized program. When the time came to sit for the exam, I felt prepared and I passed. I highly recommend this program to those facing this exam.” – Christina Wilson, Esq. (Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Associate Attorney at Raymond Ghermezian, APLC)

Robert Ruano, Santa Barbara College of Law

Testimonials: Repeat Taker
“Dan is really the man. He has such a practical way of approaching the bar exam and an approach that lends itself to confidence when sitting for the Bar. I previously signed up with BarBri and although they offered a lot of resources, they weren’t practical- plus I didn’t pass. Dan supplied me with the right materials and knowledge base necessary for the exam, but most importantly the perspective I needed to be successful on the exam. Knowledge of the law alone isn’t enough to pass this exam. That’s why so many bar applicants fail. We drown ourselves in flash cards and study aids to only be left more stressed-out then before. Dan eliminated that and essentially made me take the bar exam throughout his study course. He taught me how to answer an MBE, how to write a PT, how to write an essay, and how to pass the Bar. If anyone is on the fence about hiring a tutor, I hear you. I was too. But after going through bar prep with Dan I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. Looking back, I had zero chance passing the first time. Dan didn’t teach me the law- he taught me how to demonstrate I know the law.”

Cynthia Amiot, William Howard Taft Law School

Testimonials: Repeat Taker
“When dealing with something as difficult as the California Bar Exam, you not only need someone to explain to you what you are not doing correctly, but you need someone to explain exactly how to change course and make the needed corrections. This is applicable to anyone studying for this exam whether you are a first-time taker or a repeater, you will need to have the necessary tools to pass this exam. In addition to the BarWinners Bar Review Program, Daniel formulated an individualized program for me to address my weaknesses and take advantage of my strengths. He uses a positive coaching method that makes you take charge and want to work harder to pass the BAR. I highly recommend BarWinners and Daniel Garrett as the only choice when deciding on a BAR review program.”

Travers Morgan, Esq. – Patent Attorney at Cislo & Thomas LLP – Loyola Law School

Testimonials: First-Time Taker
“BARWINNERS helped me walk into the California bar exam with confidence.  Daniel has such an incredible understanding of this exam that he will be able to make any essay or performance test easy for you. Not only did Daniel help me pass the exam, he also helped me become a better writer in practice. Working with BARWINNERS is a comprehensive curriculum where they tailor the program to the specific student’s learning style, help you emphasize your strengths, and improve your weaknesses.  Daniel has a great sense for how you are performing and will find a way to bring out the best in you, even when you doubt yourself.  Overall, it was an excellent experience and I will continue to recommend their services to anyone who takes the California bar exam.”

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