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Stefanie Young, Seattle University School of Law

January21, 2021
by Bar Winners

The October 2020 California Bar Exam was my third time taking the exam and I passed! I hesitated as to whether I should get a tutor or not when I came across Daniel after the February 2020 results came out. I e-mailed Daniel my scores and essays and set up an initial consult with him. I was 24 points away from passing with the new passing score of 1390; I had passed the written section but not the MBE. Daniel told me that he would give me tips on how to approach the MBE’s and how to increase my PT score as I scored 60’s on the last two exams. For my October 2020 approach, I decided that I would keep the same approach as I did (using Adaptibar and past CA essays) for February and decided to get to tutor just to be more confident that I would pass.

One of the big things for me was making sure I could make my own schedule by combining my own approach last time and Daniel’s schedule. He was super helpful and flexible in helping me form that schedule.

For my individual tutoring sessions, we had three separate sessions – one for MBE, PT, and Essays. Daniel’s tips helped me improve my MBE scores as I was practicing. I continued to journal the questions I got wrong and kept track of my scores. For essays, Daniel’s approach also helped me understand how to further apply each fact we get and issue spot more accurately. I went through all of his assigned essays (all past CA essays) and did a PT once a week.

I received thorough feedback on my essays and PT’s, and knew what areas I needed to improve on based on Daniel’s comments. Daniel also kept me in check and always had confidence in me even when I didn’t. He messaged me weekly to check in on me and my progress, answer any questions I had, texted me before the exam and after each day of the exam. His support was so thoroughly appreciated and I could not thank him enough for helping me pass this exam!

I highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a tutor or is hesitant to get one!

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