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Robert Ruano, Santa Barbara College of Law

August5, 2019
by Bar Winners

“Dan is really the man. He has such a practical way of approaching the bar exam and an approach that lends itself to confidence when sitting for the Bar. I previously signed up with BarBri and although they offered a lot of resources, they weren’t practical- plus I didn’t pass. Dan supplied me with the right materials and knowledge base necessary for the exam, but most importantly the perspective I needed to be successful on the exam. Knowledge of the law alone isn’t enough to pass this exam. That’s why so many bar applicants fail. We drown ourselves in flash cards and study aids to only be left more stressed-out then before. Dan eliminated that and essentially made me take the bar exam throughout his study course. He taught me how to answer an MBE, how to write a PT, how to write an essay, and how to pass the Bar. If anyone is on the fence about hiring a tutor, I hear you. I was too. But after going through bar prep with Dan I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. Looking back, I had zero chance passing the first time. Dan didn’t teach me the law- he taught me how to demonstrate I know the law.”

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