What Will I Get from the BarWinners
WINNING First-Time Taker Course?

3 LIVE two-hour workshops

  • MBE Workshop – Focused workshop teaching multi-state techniques to improve process of elimination and learn how to avoid common MBE traps/pitfalls.
  • Essay Writing Workshop – Learn how to read the fact pattern with purpose, outline efficiently, and write in the style exam graders want to see.
  • Performance Test Workshop – Focused instruction on how to organize, outline, and craft a passing response for the Performance Test section.

3 LIVE simulated exams

  • Replicate test day conditions to work out any exam issues in 3 simulated exam sessions held every other week during the intensive prep course.

Unlimited essay grading

5 prep course books

  • Approach Book with comprehensive course outlines, TWO Question and Answers Essay Volumes, Multi-State Question and Answers, and a Performance Test ‘How-To’ Manual with examples and tests.

Personalized study schedule

* Free Early Smart Start

  • 8-week early prep course to gradually integrate you into the full prep course. Early prep includes essay writing tips, grading, and feedback.

* 5 TWO-HOUR one on one tutoring sessions

  • Tutoring sessions may cover any area in which the student needs improvement. 10 total hours of individual assessment, guidance, and feedback to prepare you to pass the exam.

During tutoring, you will receive specific methods and pointers to help you pass the exam.


Travers Morgan, Esq. – Patent Attorney at Cislo & Thomas LLP – Loyola Law School

“BARWINNERS helped me walk into the California bar exam with confidence.  Daniel has such an incredible understanding of this exam that he will be able to make any essay or performance test easy for you. Not only did Daniel help me pass the exam, he also helped me become a better writer in practice. Working with BARWINNERS is a comprehensive curriculum where they tailor the program to the specific student’s learning style, help you emphasize your strengths, and improve your weaknesses.  Daniel has a great sense for how you are performing and will find a way to bring out the best in you, even when you doubt yourself.  Overall, it was an excellent experience and I will continue to recommend their services to anyone who takes the California bar exam.”

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WINNING First-Time Taker Course

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