Are You An Attorney California Bar Exam Taker?

You must learn a new style, one that is conducive to the bar exam. You have practiced X number of years and been successful with your own style. The CA bar exam requires a different style, and this is often a hindrance to practicing attorneys. That’s where I come in. I teach in an efficient manner, with no time wasted, so you can continue your professional career while preparing to pass.

What Will I Get from the BarWinners
Attorney’s Exam Course?

2 PERSONAL Two-Hour Workshops (That’s FOUR HOURS of Tutoring!!!)

  • Essay Writing Workshop – Learn how to read the fact pattern with purpose, outline efficiently, and write in the style exam graders want to see.
  • Performance Test Workshop – Focused instruction on how to organize, outline, and craft a passing response for the Performance Test section.

These one-on-one personal workshops are designed to give you the blueprint for how to approach each particular facet of the exam. I have given several Essay, Performance Test, and MBE workshops at various California law schools and our one-on-one session will use the same outline and material covered in this workshops. However, instead of being in a classroom with other students, this will be a personal and individual session for 2 hours and will enhance and maximize your learning experience.

Access to Quizlet Flashcards and Quizlet App

BarWinners provides over 1,500 pre-made flashcards across all 13 subjects that include legal rules (front side) and complete definitions/elements (back side.) These flashcards come as a printed set, through the Quizlet app, or both!

3 Simulated Exams

Simulated exams are a critical component of the bar exam learning process. You DO NOT want your first bar exam testing session to be on the actual days of the exam. Rather, you want to experience the rigors of exam day multiple times throughout your bar prep so you identify and then eliminate all possible variables and distractors. Replicating test conditions will help you ease anxiety and perform your best come exam day!

40+ Essays Graded

  • Volume, volume, volume. Along with memorizing the law and implementing the BarWinners methods I will personally teach during your bar prep, you want to practice as many essays as possible to be prepared for all issues/subjects/crossovers you might see.
  • Receive personalized grading and feedback on every essay submitted during your prep course and maximize your pre-exam scores to build confidence heading into the exam.

4 Prep Course Books

  • TWO Approach Books with comprehensive course outlines
  • One Essay Question Book
  • Performance Test ‘How-To’ Manual with examples and tests

Unlimited Video Access

  • Unlimited Video Access to substantive lectures for ALL CA Bar Exam subjects.

Bi-Weekly Progress Check-Ins (TWO More Hours of Individual Attention!!!)

  • Stay in touch and on task with bi-weekly check-ins. This ensures you are meeting weekly goals and progressing through the course as planned. Accessibility to tutors is key throughout the bar prep course, and BarWinners provides consistent communication that will help keep you on track.

Pre-Exam Personal Approach Review

  • A personalized review session the weekend before the exam designed to re-affirm all notes/strategies learned during hours of tutoring with each specific student. This allows the student to enter the exam with proper test thoughts and techniques.

Personalized Study Schedule

  • Customized study schedule designed specifically for each individual based on their personal/work schedules and knowledge of each subject area.

* Free Early Smart Start

  • 8-week early prep course to gradually integrate you into the full prep course. Early prep includes essay writing tips, grading, and feedback.


Alissa Ohanesian – Chapman University, Fowler School of Law

Testimonials: First-Time Taker
“I cannot have imagined facing bar prep without Daniel on my side. Prior to starting bar prep, I knew I did not want a large, commercial company because companies with a one size fits all approach for every student are impersonal and can be overwhelming. I had interviewed many private companies, but did not feel confident with anyone. The moment I talked to Daniel on the phone that changed. Daniel’s method of bar prep is nothing like the commercial programs – his approach is practical, concise, and every assignment is given with specific intention. I never felt like I was wasting time during prep, nor did I ever feel too overwhelmed with the material at hand. As for Daniel as an instructor, he has a way of explaining complicated concepts in easy-to-understand ways. Moreov

Denis Hahn, Northwestern California Law School

Testimonials: Baby Bar Taker
“I was desperate. I had failed the Baby Bar twice and failing a 3rd time would have had real consequences. I came across Daniel Garrett and Bar Winners researching online and reached out. His really well-presented materials and unfailing support got me through the ordeal and I passed the test in June 22. Utilize this service if you want to pass. Do as he suggests. His method works. I am proof.” Denis Hahn, Northwestern California Law School

Olivia Gorajewski, Esq. Santa Clara University School of Law

Testimonials: Repeat Taker
“I came across BarWinners after failing the bar exam previously using Barbri and another tutor, who had previously been a California bar grader. Both previous study courses were generic and a “one model fits all” and did not resonate with my way of learning. Prior to meeting Daniel I didn’t realize how personalized bar prep courses could be, but finding Daniel really changed my way of learning and understanding bar prep material. Daniel was able to hone in on my strengths and weaknesses, organize my way of thinking and writing and he frequently checked in on me via email or text, call me when I was feeling nervous or confused and motivate me to let go of my past insecurities and truly believe in myself! On the actual day of the bar, he was available immediately and an amazing s

Christina Gonzales Esq, Santa Barbara College of Law

Testimonials: Repeat Taker
“I signed up with BarWinners for the October 2020 Bar exam. I previously took the Bar exam in February 2020. For the February Bar, I used a different Bar course that was highly recommended but didn’t work for me. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of materials provided and the numerous online lectures. During my February bar prep, I worked full-time, and I felt like  I was constantly playing catch-up and checking off the boxes rather than preparing myself for the Bar. For the October 2020 Bar exam, I wanted a more streamlined approach. Daniel’s course gave me exactly what I needed to pass the Bar. The BarWinner’s clean, streamlined outlines and course materials allowed me to focus on learning how to take the Bar exam. I was able to improve my test-taking skills and strengthen

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Bar Prep Course Do I Need?

Not every student needs a more personalized bar prep course in order to pass the California Bar Exam. However, there is a large contingent of students that recognize they would benefit in taking a prep course that offers more personalized, live, and accessible instruction. BarWinners fits these students’ needs by offering individual instruction and being available 7 days a week.

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Attorney’s Exam Course

You must learn a new style, one that is conducive to the bar exam. You have practiced X number of years and been successful with your own style. The CA bar exam requires a different style, and this is often a hindrance to practicing attorneys. That’s where I come in. I teach in an efficient manner, with no time wasted, so you can continue your professional career while preparing to pass.