Passing the California Bar Exam– California Bar Results Edition 2016

November16, 2016
by Bar Winners

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Passing California Bar Exam California Bar Exam 2016
California Bar Results Edition
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Waiting Bar California Bar Results Edition


We wish BarWinners Students and All Bar Takers the Best of Luck. We’re Cheering for You!
What to do, and what not to do while you wait for bar results in the next 4 days!
So what do you do for the next few days?

1. Do NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT Talk about the Exam
You have no idea how you did on the exam until you actually know how you did on the exam, so it is really not worth the anxiety attack to re-hash everything that happened. The fact is you are on such an adrenaline rush during the Bar that you probably won’t remember everything that you wrote. When the valedictorian of your school tells you how she included case names in her essays, you will probably convince yourself that you didn’t refer to these cases in your essay responses at all, and you probably used rules from the wrong subject and someone in the at the Committee of Bar Examiners is scowling over your exam. But take a few deep breaths and remember: no two essays are the same, yet you are all reading the same question. You gave it your all studying, and you gave it your all for those three days. No one is laughing in the bar office. The best thing you can do for yourself during these next few days is to not attempt to figure out what the perfect question sounds like or rehash in your head all the issues you missed that you thought about the second you walked out of the exam.
All that being said, not focusing on the test for three months is a very difficult thing to do. We all probably have slip ups. But if you lay ground rules for your other law school friends, and you find other things to talk about and other ways to distract yourself,

2. Give Yourself a Break
You did the very best you could under the circumstances. It’s a difficult bar exam, probably the hardest exam in the country. If you passed, you are a rock star and we celebrate your hard earned success! If you didn’t pass, you are still a rock star, who had the courage to take the California Bar Exam, the smarts to pass it, and with the right help this next time, and the right bar review course/tutorial (BarWinners), you will indeed pass.

3. Have a Plan B-Just in Case

Yes, we all hope and pray that your name is on the list. You studied hard, learned the law sufficiently to pass, and write well. You should pass. But if you unexpectedly messed up on a question or Performance Test, had a bad day, a medical problem or computer meltdown, have a Plan B ground game so you are not completely caught off guard and devastated. Do not re-take the same bar review course you took last time. You’ve gotten all you can from it, it’s time to move on to tailor your bar study (if it comes to that, hopefully not!) to a new way of going, studying, new smaller more individually tailored bar prep like BarWinners, that is better suited for your needs.

4. Decide Who You Are Going to Share Your Bar News and How You’re Going to Share It
Who you are going to tell, when are you going to tell them and how you are going to share the news with work colleagues, bosses, spouses, in-laws, peers, classmates? What is proper etiquette if you find out you passed and are excited to share your good news with law school buddies or study partners but you don’t know if they passed and want to be sensitive to their situation too? The best advice regarding fellow bar takers is to let them take the lead and reach out to you with their news. Let them take the lead. If you don’t hear from them, give them space to celebrate or process the news

5. Celebrate YOU! Win, Lose or Draw, You Did a Monumental Thing and Climbed Mount Everest. We are Proud of You
You have been going 100mph for about 3.5 years now. You have to stop and, literally, smell some roses. The decompression period might last longer for you than it does your friend, but don’t hold that against yourself. This is the time to relax. The test results are out of your control, you may or may not have job offers, prospects, interviews, etc., but throwing yourself into that process right away is also probably not beneficial to your health.
November 18, 6:00 PM. It’s party time. Celebrate your achievement in sitting, taking and completing the California Bar Exam. You are already a winner.
In the meantime, you are smart, you can do this and we are here to help. Any questions or advice, please feel free to call and we will get back to you. You are not alone call today: 310.451.0519
Professor Shari Karney, Esq. has been a prominent force in the world of legal education and California Bar Review for the past 30 years. She is an Adjunct Professor at Loyola Law School (Bar Exam Writing Intersession).
Whether you’re awaiting California bar results, are an out-of-state attorney taking the California Bar exam or are preparing to sit for and take the February 2017 California Bar Exam, BarWinners California Bar Review is here to help you. Shari is the Owner and Creator of BarWinners and the author of The Approach Book, “Bar Bible”. She writes a column-blog Legal Ease with Leah M. Kaufman, Esq., the Founder at LMK Strategy & Research. Visit BarWinners at Visit the Barwinners page on FacebookFacebook, and the BarWinners page on Google +BarwinnersLosAngeles” target=”_blank”>Google+ or email Shari via