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Pass The California Bar Exam

We are Experts at Helping You Retake and Pass the California Bar Exam!

Free Past Essay and Score Report Evaluations

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It’s All About The Strategy, Not Who Is The Smartest!

Passing the California Bar Exam is not about who is the smartest or who will make the best attorney. It’s about making the Bar Exam grader’s job easy, and giving them what they are asking for.  We teach you exactly what is needed to pass all 3 components of the exam.

California Bar Results NEWS: The California Supreme Court has decided that the cut score for passing the California Bar exam will be PERMANENTLY LOWERED to 1390. “Passing the California Bar Exam still remains one of the nation’s most difficult.” For updates and additional information on the Court’s recent decision regarding passing the CA Bar Exam please go to calbar.ca.gov.

Everyone needs help — we mentor you to pass the Bar Exam.

We provide FREE Past Essay and Score Report Evaluations

Personalized Courses
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Everyone needs help — Custom Solutions

Whether your are taking the California bar exam for the first time, or you are a repeat exam taker, our solutions provide a custom, flexible mix of the following components:

  • Personal Two Hour Workshops
  • Quizlet Flashcards and Quizlet App
  • Simulated Exams
  • Essays Graded
  • Prep Course Books
  • Unlimited Video Access
  • Pre-Exam Personal Approach Review
  • Personalized Study Schedule
  • Free Early Smart Start
  • Past Exam Review
  • Pre-Exam Personal Approach Review
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Check-Ins
  • Baby Bar Bible
  • TWO-HOUR One-on-One Tutoring Sessions
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We provide FREE Past Essay and Score Report Evaluations.

We provide FREE Past Essay and Score Report Evaluations.

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If you would like to transfer from your current bar review course to BarWinners, we offer a $250 discount on the whichever BarWinners course you choose. We do need proof of enrollment in the other course.

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