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Olivia Gorajewski, Esq. Santa Clara University School of Law

August18, 2021
by Bar Winners

“I came across BarWinners after failing the bar exam previously using Barbri and another tutor, who had previously been a California bar grader. Both previous study courses were generic and a “one model fits all” and did not resonate with my way of learning. Prior to meeting Daniel I didn’t realize how personalized bar prep courses could be, but finding Daniel really changed my way of learning and understanding bar prep material. Daniel was able to hone in on my strengths and weaknesses, organize my way of thinking and writing and he frequently checked in on me via email or text, call me when I was feeling nervous or confused and motivate me to let go of my past insecurities and truly believe in myself! On the actual day of the bar, he was available immediately and an amazing support. I highly recommend Daniel as a tutor.”

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