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Kelly Stone, University of Tulsa

January12, 2021
by Bar Winners

Daniel’s bar prep course is a perfect tool to organize your studies and keep you focused to pass the California bar. I was already licensed in another jurisdiction and needed help with the essay writing portion. The organized study schedule and materials as well as the continuous individual feedback from Daniel and his team assisted me so that I was able to pass the exam. I have 3 small children under the age of eleven, a full-time job, a husband that works full time, elderly parents, and a sister in hospice, and even though all 3 of my children came home 24/7 to continue schooling due to the pandemic, I was able to adjust my study schedule to the pandemic schedule. Additionally, Daniel quickly adjusted his study plans when the bar changed the exam from in-person to remote testing. Thank you for your invaluable guidance and support Daniel!

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