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John Vaughan, Rutgers Law School

December17, 2019
by Bar Winners

“I would not have passed the California Bar exam without Daniel’s tutoring. I worked full time while studying for the bar exam, and Daniel worked with me to create a study plan that allowed me the flexibility to study after work and on weekends.

Daniel was always there for me during my bar exam prep: to answer questions, to give me advice on how to approach a particular topic, and to give me candid feedback about my strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, Daniel really wanted me to pass, and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I did.

If you are a practicing lawyer admitted in other states, you may be tempted to study on your own and rely on your experience to carry you through the California Bar exam. You cannot study on your own and expect to pass. You need to learn how to write for the California examiners. You need to understand the law (and California distinctions), but you also need to know how to present your knowledge to the California Bar examiners in order to get full credit for every answer.

If you work with Daniel and follow his approach, you will only need to take this exam once.”

– John Vaughan (Attorney Exam Taker, Rutgers Law School)

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