It Won’t Be Easier to See Your Name on the California Bar Exam Pass List, says the CA Supreme Court!

October21, 2017
by Bar Winners

Passing the California Bar Exam to Remain One of Nation’s Most Difficult, the Court Rules.

 The Cut score for passing the California Bar exam is to stay at 1440—for now. The California Supreme Court decided Wednesday not to lower the passing score on the California Bar Exam. Passing the California bar exam has always been one of the toughest in the country. Last year, California had the lowest state bar pass rate of any state and its average score has dropped by about 30 percent in recent years.

Letters and calls from law school Deans, repeat California bar exam takers, and students taking the California Bar Exam for the first time, asked the high Court to lower the bar-passage score.

The Court said the score needed to pass the California Bar Exam to remain at 1440 for now.

The score required to pass the California Bar Exam, known as the cut score, is higher than in any state except Delaware, and the number has remained unchanged for three decades.

In a letter signed by all of its justices, the court said, it was “not persuaded that the relevant information and data developed at this time weigh in favor of departing from the longstanding pass score of 1440.”

The Court held, “Although the lower pass rates associated with the recent administrations of the California bar exam have generated concerns, the downward trend in pass rates appears to be consistent with a broader national pattern: statistics published by the National Conference of Bar Examiners disclose that the decline of California’s overall pass rate from 2007 to 2016 mirrors the average 9 percent decline of overall pass rates observed nationally over the same period,” the justices wrote.

Only 43 percent of those who took the July 2016 California bar exam passed it, the lowest rate in 32 years and lower than the success rates in most other states.

The justices wrote that “although the current pass score of 1440 will not be adjusted at this time.” they would consider “any appropriate recommendation” to revisit the pass score in the next review cycle, “or sooner if the court so directs.”

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