For First Time Bar-Takers

BarWinners understands that California bar exam preparation can create stress for any bar candidate. We have a team that is experienced in dealing with first time bar takers that have unique and distinctive California bar exam needs. Whether you are receiving or applying for special testing accommodations, experience exam anxiety, or need and want a personal approach, BarWinners is the best bar review course for you. We have been training students to pass the California bar exam for over 30 years.


Passing the California Bar Exam isn’t about who is the smartest or even who will make the best attorney. It’s about making the California Bar grader’s job easy, and giving them what they are asking for.   We give you  what they need to see so they can give you the  points you need to pass.

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Why is BarWinners the Best Choice For First Time Bar Takers?

Personal Mentoring

Every student is assigned a seasoned, licensed California attorney  mentor  trained in  BarWinners  methods and techniques to help you pass the bar.

Here’s what we’ve discovered  about  all bar takers;

Students get so focused on trying to memorize and learn the substantive  law that  they forget  what is essential to passing the bar — application.   What  will  get you through the  California  bar exam  is daily essay writing practice, daily structured MBE practice, and a  organization  method  that works under the time pressure of the Performance Test.

Learning How to Apply What You Know

BarWinners  is the best  course for you because we show you how to apply  the law  you  are learning  to essay questions, and  w  give you structured homework that requires daily essay writing  and MBE practice. Otherwise you  run the  risk  of  being  able to robotically spew out perfect rules of law,  but unable to utilize that  law  on the actual  bar exam.  BarWinners  doesn’t let you fall into this trap.

Comprehensive Exam Feedback

BarWinners  gives  you  focused, accurate, individual and timely feedback. No more struggling or guessing about how you should write your essays and performance tests. We show you and then have you show us what you have learned. We explain how to turn what you are doing into a passing essay or performance test.

You Are Smart And You Absolutely Can Pass The California Bar Exam.

You’ve already come this far  and  achieved a high level of success  by  graduating  from  law school. Now  take  one more important step and you will be there  licensed and ready to start your career as an attorney. But  you are going to need the best bar review  assistance –BarWinners.

Unlock The Secrets Of Passing The Performance Test

The Performance Test dramatically impacts your final written score.  If you struggle with the Performance Test, want help in improving your performance technique, need to cut down on time wasters and increase your score,  BarWinner  is for you.

Our  performance workshop  videos  will show you organizing tips and tricks to make the performance test a positive experience that can improve your performance score.

We give you Performance Test homework, which is reviewed in the next Performance Test video. Also included are Simulated Performance Testing.

Simulated Bar Exams-Passing the Bar Exam

BarWinners has you write practice essays, under simulated bar exam timed sessions and gives you personalized feedback and accurate grading from California licensed attorney bar exam experts, so you can pass the bar.

Therefore, you will practice applying what we have shown you, under actual Simulated Exam conditions for the essays, performance test and multi-state exam.

We know you need help in applying what you know to the exam in the format, and in that the bar examiners are looking for so you can Pass the Bar Exam. You are a good writer. You need practice with format, structure, organization, and analysis.

You must do exams under the timed restrictions and upload them by the cutoff time to have them graded. If you get  testing  accommodations  from  the California bar examiners, we  give  you  testing  accommodations  on  our simulated  exams as well.

Additional information on special testing accommodations on the California Bar Exam, to help you get the California bar results you need, can be found

Practice is Essential-  Why First Time Takers Don’t Pass in Large Commercial Bar Review

First time large commercial bar review courses are designed to teach you voluminous amounts of substantive law and then, once the course is over, you must memorize and practice application on your own.

What happens is that by the time you feel “comfortable” in your substantive law knowledge, there is no time left to practice essay writing or take enough MBEs. And now you are on your own, with no writing feedback, grading, or direction.

The first time taker pass rate released by the Committee of Bar Examiners in the California, Summer bar was 46.6% with most first time takers using large Commercial bar review courses.
You cannot learn the law in a vacuum. You need something to anchor it  in your memory. Learning and then applying helps memorization, writing skills,  and analysis.

Practice Essay Writing

At BarWinners you get comfortable  applying  the law that  you know to questions, and analyzing fact patterns so it become second nature to you. Then, sitting for the actual bar  feels like you’ve been there and done it before.

BarWinners  schedules  closed book, Simulated Bar Exam sessions that help you practice  under timed bar conditions. Your Simulated Exams are graded with quality, in-depth feedback.

You may think that you aren’t ready to practice essay writing  until you’ve memorized and learned all the law, which is  the mistake most of us made in law school. By the time our outlines were done and we felt comfortable taking a practice exam, we ran out of time.

We do not recommend that you study on your own and just do practice questions without grading and feedback, structure,  good  useable bar review  materials,  and the guidance and  enrollment in a good bar review course like BarWinners.

Written Material Included

The Approach Book- The “Bar Bible”

Everything you need to pass the essays contained in ONE, BAR-READY, CONDENSED, EASY TO MEMORIZE and USE, APPROACH BOOK. This incredible book lays out for you, a substantive law approach for all 14 tested substantive subjects tested on the California Bar in the same way you will write that issue on the actual Bar Exam. Remember, the California Bar Exam is a standardized test. The Bar graders take only 1-2 minutes to grade each essay.  We give you the headings, sub headings, rules of law, and steps for each Bar tested issue and area of law.  BarWinners Bar Review gives you suggested pre-written language to use on the actual bar exam.  BarWinners Books and Materials are the best in the field.

BarWinners Question and Answer Books, Vol. I and II

The Question and Answer Books Vol. I and II cover the issues and areas of the law that are heavily tested by the California Bar Examiners as well as potential “surprise” issues and CROSSOVERS. The Question and Answer books contain past bar exam essay questions for every area and subject tested on the bar. All the Suggested Released California Bar Exam answers used in these volumes have received a score of at least a 75-80 from the California Bar Examiners. Simulated Essay Exam questions, as well as BarWinners model answers and cut sheets for each essay question. We show you how to apply the law that you have learned to essays. How to analyze each fact pattern and how to write a passing answer.

We have carefully reviewed all the questions and answers the California Bar has given over the years, and hand-selected the best questions to prepare you to pass YOUR Bar Exam.

Performance Test Workbook

BarWinners Performance Test workbook has templates on how to organize and respond to the most commonly tested “Task Memo’s” asked on the California Bar Exam Performance Test.

MBE Workbook

BarWinners’ MBE Workbook is designed to prepare you for the Multistate Bar Exam (“MBE”). Formidable, efficient, practice questions with full explanations, 15 hours of simulated exams, and pages of substantive review materials.
This is an entire MBE system for taking and scoring high on the MBE.  Each section of BarWinners’ MBE Workbook, gives you questions and explanations building up to Simulated MBE practice exams. Our system is a logical study system for mastering the multistate bar exam material. Unlike some traditional methods, our Workbook builds your knowledge and confidence in practical and reasonable steps. Key terms and concepts are defined and explained.

Over 2, 000 practice questions and answer explanations of correct answer and why the other 3 answer choices are less correct

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