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FAQ Bar Exam & Law Student

California Bar Exam Review FAQ

Why Do I Need a Bar Review Course?

Writing for the bar exam is not the same as writing for a law school exam. If it was, then everyone who graduated from a California law school would pass the California Bar Exam the first time. The pass rates released by the California bar examiners range from approximately 42-54%.

Most law school professors spend almost an hour grading your exam. The California Bar Examiners spend 1-3 minutes. We show you how to change your writing style so it is properly structured, formatted, and written specifically for the bar grader so you get maximum points.

Even if you did take a bar exam subject in law school, it is often taught from a different perspective than how it is tested on the California Bar Exam. Law school professor written MBEs are not similar to the MBEs on the California Bar Exam. Also, may students struggle with standardized tests and need real help. In addition, the Performance Test can be daunting if you haven’t clerked, or done much legal writing since your first year of law school.

Why is BarWinners the Best Bar Review for Me?

BarWinners  is the best  course for you because we show you how to apply the law  you  are learning  to essay questions and MBEs and give you Performance Test taking skills.  We  give you structured homework that requires daily essay writing  and daily MBE practice and regularly schedule Simulated Exams with quality, precise, grading feedback. First time large commercial bar review courses are designed to teach you voluminous amounts of substantive law and then, once the course is over, you must memorize and practice application on your own.  BarWinners  doesn’t  let  you fall into this trap.  We believe that knowing how to apply the law is just as important as knowing the law well.

BarWinners is a small, personalized course that knows you and cares about you.

What Makes BarWinners Special?

BarWinners is the only dedicated course that specializes in helping bar takers with unique and often challenging bar exam needs:

First Time Takers with distinctive needs and issues (exam anxiety, standardized test concerns, students who receive testing accommodations).

Out-of- State Attorneys who need to take the California Attorney's Exam but have busy lives, demanding practices and limited study time. We work with youto get you ready on time.

Passing the California Bar Exam isn’t about who is the smartest or even who will make the best attorney. It’s about making the California Bar grader’s job easy, and giving them what they are asking for. We give it to you — you give it to them.

Can BarWinners Help Me?

Yes! We have everything you need, all in one place, to get you through the California Bar Exam. Whether it’s learning the substantive law in a usable format, applying what you are learning to essays and performance tests, practicing MBE questions daily, taking Simulated Exams and getting accurate, individual, precise feedback, or figuring out what is keeping you from passing the California BarExam — BarWinners is here to give you what you need to pass. We love what we do, and it would be our privilege to help you.

Does BarWinners Provide Written Materials?

Yes! BarWinners’ Approach Book (“Bar Bible”) was written and designed for you. This substantive law book makes writing and passing the essays possible. Most of the large commercial courses give you huge bar review books to learn and memorize.

Professor Karney has culled the substantive materials for you, and written them so that you can directly apply what you are studying to bar exam essays.

BarWinners’ Question and Answer Books contain previous bar exam essays and BarWinners written model answers, cut-sheets and Selected Suggested Sample

BarWinners’ Performance Workbook gives you templates of the most commonly tested tasks on the California Bar Exam.

BarWinners’ MBE Workbook contain 2,000 selected MBE’s and answer explanations for each.

Does BarWinners Provide an Approach for Every Subject?

Yes! We give you an approach for every subject and heavily tested issue on the California Bar Exam. BarWinners’ Approach Book, referred to by Bar-takers as the “Bar Bible,” lays out the law exactly the way the California Bar Exam Graders want to see it.

How Much Substantive Law is Covered in the Course?

BarWinners gives you all the substantive law you need to pass the bar exam. Instead of voluminous tomes that are difficult to use and impossible to memorize, we cut down the substantive law to the necessary content you need to pass the essays, eliminating the “noise” of unimportant information common in commercial bar outlines. Each of our substantive approaches is approximately 22-45 pages long. BarWinners gives you the best combination of substantive law and the methods to use that law in order to pass.

Our Essay Workshop videos are designed to help you learn how to apply the law you have learned when writing practice essays. Most students learn the law but are weak in application. Trying to memorize all the law is not only impossible but may leave you short on memorizing the law you actually need to pass.

Does Barwinners Cover All Sections Tested on the California Bar Exam?

YES! Each BarWinners course prepares you for all three California Bar Exam tested formats. We not only provide you with the substantive law you need to pass, but we also provide instruction, materials, simulated exams and feedback for all three formats on the California Bar Exam: Essays, MBEs and Performance Tests.

How Structured Are the BarWinners Bar Review Courses?

Very structured. We provide a course calendar and we work with you to create your daily study schedule.

BarWinners keeps a copy of your study schedule and reviews it with you regularly to make sure you are on-schedule. You have homework assigned for every video lecture as well as essay writing and performance test study homework assignments. BarWinners gives regular closed book California Bar Exam Simulations, scheduled on the weekend.

Does BarWinners Offer Private One-on-One Tutoring?

Yes! BarWinners was one of the first to offer one-on-one private tutoring for California bar exam takers and was the first to provide comprehensive tutorial services. BarWinners has been offering these services for the past 32 years.

Today, BarWinners’ one-on-one tutorial programs offer unmatched personal services and unique, in-depth, tutorial experiences. Our tutorial packages have one of the highest pass rates in the BarWinners course.

Does BarWinners Give Simulated Exams and Are They Graded?

Yes! BarWinners California Bar Review is one of the few Bar Review Courses that provides regularly scheduled Simulated Bar Exam testing. All testing is done under Bar Exam timed conditions—and on a regular Simulated Exam schedule.

The only way to assess how you will do on the actual Bar Exam is to consistently take exams under California Bar-like conditions with California Bar-like grading. The difference between the actual bar graders and the BarWinners’ graders is you will get focused, clear, helpful feedback from BarWinners.

BarWinners’ graders are licensed California attorneys trained in the techniques and methodology BarWinners believes are the most consistent with actual California bar exam graders.

Does BarWinners Provide Individual Grading Feedback?

ABSOLUTELY. Some courses offer generic exam feedback, but BarWinners graders spend approximately 20-30 minutes individually grading each of your submitted simulated essays and performance tests, and give you quality written feedback, comprehensive comments and helpful suggestions on how to improve your scores.

Exams are graded within 2.5 points of what we believe an actual Bar Exam grader would score your exam. We do not inflate or give you “feel good” grades.

Why Do Large Commercial Courses Cost Less?

Large commercial courses cost less because they are a volume-based business whose bottom line is to enroll the largest number of students. They may claim to give you individualized attention but they don’t. You get what you pay for.

Don’t follow the herd; make your own best choice. While an inexpensive commercial bar review course may be perfect for some of your classmates, it may not be the right fit for you. You deserve the best.

The real question is, can you afford to take the bar exam again? Is it really worth trying to save money on bar review at this stage of your career? Not passing is very costly both financially and emotionally. There is too much at stake. Your future career and income is dependent on passing the bar exam. Failing the bar exam can cost you a year’s salary, by either losing a job opportunity or not being able to find a job until you get licensed. Get the help you need and deserve.

I Almost Passed Last Time, Why Do I Need Another Bar Review Course?

It’s good that you came so close to passing. Clearly, you have the talent to pass the California Bar Exam. BarWinners wants to make sure you actually pass this time.

Often bar candidates who come close to passing have a subtle, undiagnosed test taking issue, and that issue needs to be addressed before you can pass the California Bar Exam. It’s like having an underlying medical issue that only a specialist can diagnose and cure. We are specialists and you can count on us to figure out why you came so close but didn’t quite make it. You just need to follow what we show you and do your part.

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