Early Bar Jump 3L

Early Bar Jump™-LIVE

July 2017 California Bar Exam


3L Students Who Want to Get a Jump Start on Passing The Bar

This two weekend LIVE Early Bar Jump for 3L’s will give you an early start for the new July, 2017 Bar Exam testing format. Why wait until the last minute? This workshop will reduce stress and give you an edge.

Early Bar Jump 2017 provides students early exposure to the analytical and essay writing skills needed for success on the California bar exam essays and test taking techniques on the MBEs. It will help students identify weaker subjects and areas before attending a commercial bar review course.  This course will serve as a refresher on some of the most heavily tested topics and will lay the foundation for strong essay writing and analytical skills on the actual bar exam. This course will also create a bridge between the substantive knowledge learned in the first year of law school required classes and the bar exam, as well as familiarize students with bar review lectures and how to develop their essay writing and analysis skills.

Early Bar Jump is designed to improve bar essay writing and analytical skills, to improve fluency in bar exam essay writing and to enhance comprehension of selected legal principles tested on the California Bar Exam. This Course will provide support and help students bolster the skills needed to pass the California Bar Exam.

Students must complete practice essay writing questions and MBE questions in each class.

Why not get an early, calming start to help you pass the July 2017 Bar Exam with law school professors that you may already know and like?


Why wait when you can get started today?