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Courses & Discounts


Full Payment Discount

BarWinners will discount your Course cost by $500 if you pay-in-full upon signing up!

Bring a Friend Discount

If you sign up with a friend, both you and your friend will receive a $500 discount each!!!

Deposit with Another Course Discount

If you have already put a deposit down with another course, BarWinners will apply the deposit credit to your enrollment in a BarWinners Course up to a deposit credit amount of $500. Proof of deposit is required. The credit will be applied to your Course tuition balance.

Transfer Discount

If you would like to transfer from your current bar review course to BarWinners, we offer a $500 discount on the whichever BarWinners course you choose. We do need proof of enrollment in the other course.

Military Service Discount

BarWinners supports our troops and appreciate those that have served our country. There is a $500 discount for those who are in the military or have served.

Discounts may not be combined with one another. Each enrollee may apply for only one discount. In order to receive a discount, full payment is required upon enrollment.


BarWinners accepts reasonable payment plans. Please contact us to set one up. Full payment must be made prior to receiving video streaming access and Learning Management System access. Check, credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or cashier’s check