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Christina Wilson, Santa Barbara College of Law

November27, 2019
by Bar Winners

“I would highly recommend BARWINNERS to those looking to tackle the California Bar Exam. I began Daniel Garrett’s program during my third attempt at passing the exam.

Knowing the law is not sufficient to pass this exam. You need to be able to apply that law to the facts at hand in a clear and concise manner. Daniel and his program were there for me every step of the way with his individualized and straight forward approach. He taught me how to improve upon the writing skills I already possessed, and he gave me new skills necessary to clearly communicate my knowledge and application of the law. Daniel has wonderful insight of what bar exam graders are looking for in essays and the performance test.

I also struggled with the MBEs throughout law school, but Daniel taught me a straightforward way to approach the MBE. With his MBE approach, I was able to focus on what the question is really asking/testing while not getting bogged down or diverted by distractions in the question.

Most importantly, Daniel was a supportive and constructive tutor. His critiques and comments on the essays were exceedingly helpful and focused on my specific weak points. In my first two attempts, I used BarBri bar review and felt their style was not personalized enough. Daniel makes sure that you know you are more than just a number with his individualized program. When the time came to sit for the exam, I felt prepared and I passed. I highly recommend this program to those facing this exam.”

– Christina Wilson, Esq. (Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Associate Attorney at Raymond Ghermezian, APLC)

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