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Christina Gonzales Esq, Santa Barbara College of Law

June27, 2021
by Bar Winners

“I signed up with BarWinners for the October 2020 Bar exam. I previously took the Bar exam in February 2020. For the February Bar, I used a different Bar course that was highly recommended but didn’t work for me. I felt overwhelmed with the amount of materials provided and the numerous online lectures. During my February bar prep, I worked full-time, and I felt like  I was constantly playing catch-up and checking off the boxes rather than preparing myself for the Bar. For the October 2020 Bar exam, I wanted a more streamlined approach. Daniel’s course gave me exactly what I needed to pass the Bar. The BarWinner’s clean, streamlined outlines and course materials allowed me to focus on learning how to take the Bar exam. I was able to improve my test-taking skills and strengthen my weak subject areas. Besides having a great course, Daniel is an awesome great coach. He truly cares about your progress.  Daniel’s motivation helped give me the confidence I needed to keep my head in the game. Thanks, Coach Daniel!”

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