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August25, 2016
by Bar Winners

Law Students–Surviving Your First Week of Law School

You made it through your first week!! We’re proud of you! This was probably not one of the easiest weeks of your 1L life. The professors, eager to assert their intellectual superiority over you as well as start getting your mind to “think like a lawyer”, may have “cold called” you or your classmates

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May18, 2016
by Bar Winners


We are so proud of you! We want to be among the first to congratulate and celebrate all of our BarWinners Bar Review February 2016 bar exam candidates. Passing the California Bar Exam is a huge achievement in life and definitely a milestone to be applauded even for out of state attorney already lice


May15, 2016
by Bar Winners

Repeating the California Bar Exam– One-on-One Tutoring

Failing the California Bar Exam To some, failing the California Bar Exam can trigger feelings of inadequacy and questioning whether you are “meant to be a lawyer” and whether failing the California bar is a sign that you shouldn’t be a lawyer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Passing the Cal


October6, 2015
by Bar Winners

How To Pass The California Out-of-State Attorney’s Exam

California Out-of-State Attorney’s Exam-How to Pass It! For the busy attorney professional with family and work obligation who needs to pass the California Attorney’s Exam, it is essential that CA attorney applicants find a bar preparation company that is tailored to practicing attorneys with limite

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September27, 2015
by Bar Winners

How Is The Legal Job Market?

Is the Legal Job Market Better Than the Wall Street Journal and Other Media Portrays It? Yes! When law school students are in search of law jobs and work experience, (internships, externships, law firm associate, summer associate) it is important for students to look at their own wants, needs, and d

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September19, 2015
by Bar Winners

How Did this California Bar Review Course Start and What Differentiates Barwinners From the Competition?

Professor Karney grew up with a love of writing. When she was younger, she worked on her school’s newspaper, and while a student at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California, she tutored and mentored other law school students. In the 1980s, Professor Karney created a Bar review course that captur

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