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November6, 2016
by Bar Winners

What an Out-of-State Attorney Should know about Passing the CA Bar Exam

As the February Bar Exam nears, many out-of-state attorneys hoping to practice law in Californian are beginning to think about preparing for the February 2017 California Attorney’s Bar Exam. It represents yet another milestone in an out-of-state attorney’s career, so here are some things about the California bar to consider before taking it.

The California Attorney’s Exam Pass Rate—But Don’t be Put Off by It.

The California Attorneys Exam pass rate is roughly 35% and is among one of the nation’s lowest – study, but study smarter and make better use of your time. Going through hundreds of pages of commercial outlines and trying to memorize it all (like you did when you first got out of law school and were licensed in another state) will not help you pass the California Bar Exam.

You are not taking the Multi-state. You do not need to waste endless hours studying endless detail that is not tested on the essays. Using an Approach Book (“CA Bar Bible”) study materials that help you get what you are studying to paper so it is consumable and gradable by the bar examiners will help you!

Why is The Pass Rate for Attorney’s in California Around 35%?

Actually, CA Attorney Exam takers tend to have the most problems initially, with passing the Performance Test (the practical skills portion of the CA Bar Exam). However, on both the essay portion and on the Performance Tests, many arguments and issues that a law student would raise, licensed, Out-of-State Attorney’s don’t make. Thereby, leaving points on the table.

Why Do Attorney’s on the CA Bar Exam Leave Points on the Table?

Because in real life, you wouldn’t make these type of arguments in your court filings, oral arguments, or even with clients. Remember, “pretend” you are a lawyer, don’t actually try and be one on the Attorney’s Exam in California. I know it sounds goofy. But it’s true.

You need a winning strategy.

If you are a Out-of-State Attorney’s California Bar repeater, we can help you pass the bar exam. You are still in the game. You had the brains and stamina to get through the bar exam in other states so you’ve got what it takes to pass the California bar exam. What’s been missing is giving the examiners what they want and how they want it. Our Team shows attorney CA Bar exam takers exactly what the examiners want and how to give it to them within the bar exam time limits for maximum points.

It’s Difficult!

A 12-hour test spanning two days, the California Attorney’s bar exam can only be described as exceptionally rigorous. As demonstrated, the CA bar exam is no joke, it’s the real deal. Call me, or e-mail me ( and we will discuss it further.

At BarWinners, one of our goals is to foster the instruction of out-of-state attorneys looking to practice law in California. We can help!

Visit our website or call (310)-451-0519 to enroll, today!
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