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Angela Greenspan, Santa Barbara College of Law

January12, 2021
by Bar Winners

I took the bar exam for the first time in February 2020 and failed. When I began studying for the October 2020 bar exam, I knew I needed a new strategy. I learned from what didn’t work the first time. But I also reached out to leverage my resources to help me do whatever it took to pass the 2nd try.

Daniel offered workshops on the MBE, Essays, and PT through my law school. I took all of them. After the workshops, he offered to review a sample and give feedback. Upon reviewing my essay and PT, instead of sharing short written feedback like other bar prep courses I had taken, we had a phone call to discuss the areas that I could improve. He went above and beyond in helping me to pass. Daniel helped me create a plan of attack for the Performance Test and guided me on the timing.

The October 2020 bar exam was administered online for the first time in history. Taking the bar exam online was nerve-wracking, but we developed a plan, and I practiced it repeatedly. Doing the PT without paper was a challenge but practicing under timed conditions with a strategy to follow led to my success. Daniel checked in with me periodically to make sure I was on track. Nowhere else did I receive such individualized support and level of encouragement. He even checked in with me the week before the exam to answer questions and keep me on track for the final push. I don’t know what I would have done without his support. I wish I knew about Bar Winners the first time but so thankful to have Daniel’s expert guidance to succeed the second time!! I passed! Thank you, Daniel, for all of your support in helping me achieve this!

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