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Alissa Ohanesian – Chapman University, Fowler School of Law

November10, 2022
by Bar Winners

“I cannot have imagined facing bar prep without Daniel on my side. Prior to starting bar prep, I knew I did not want a large, commercial company because companies with a one size fits all approach for every student are impersonal and can be overwhelming. I had interviewed many private companies, but did not feel confident with anyone. The moment I talked to Daniel on the phone that changed.

Daniel’s method of bar prep is nothing like the commercial programs – his approach is practical, concise, and every assignment is given with specific intention. I never felt like I was wasting time during prep, nor did I ever feel too overwhelmed with the material at hand.

As for Daniel as an instructor, he has a way of explaining complicated concepts in easy-to-understand ways. Moreover, he is always accessible and easy to communicate with. His feedback on essays, performance tests, and MBE is invaluable and truly provides insight as to what makes for a passing (and above passing) score.

Daniel is very encouraging during the entire bar prep process and works with students’ schedules to ensure they are adequately prepared for the exam. For example, during bar prep, I had a horrible case of Covid, wiping me out for 3 weeks. I called Daniel with the intention of withdrawing from the exam, but he assured me we could course correct and to trust his process and method of teaching. Thankfully I did not withdraw from the exam and put all my trust in Daniel because I passed on my first attempt!

I can’t thank Daniel enough, and recommend him enough. While bar prep is stressful and daunting, I would go so far as to say that Daniel makes the experience as enjoyable and painless as possible. I am certain that this is something no other instructor can provide.

I credit passing the CA bar exam on my first attempt entirely to Daniel. He is simply the best! “

Alissa Ohanesian – Chapman University, Fowler School of Law

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