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We are Experts at Helping You Pass the California Bar!

Passing the California Bar Exam is not about who is the smartest or who will make the best attorney. It’s about making the California Bar grader’s job easy, and giving them what they are asking for. We teach you exactly what is needed to pass all 3 components of the exam.

California Bar Results NEWS: The California Supreme Court has decided that the cut score for passing the California Bar exam will be PERMANENTLY LOWERED to 1390. “Passing the California Bar Exam still remains one of the nation’s most difficult.” For updates and additional information on the Court’s recent decision regarding passing the CA Bar Exam please go to calbar.ca.gov.

Everyone needs help — we mentor you to pass the California Bar.

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We Have The Recipe For Success

It takes more than just studying to succeed. We have every ingredient for the recipe to help you pass the California Bar Exam! From our seasoned, master tutors to the included books and materials, to the on-demand streaming lectures, BarWinners will show you step-by-step just how to use what we teach you to give the Bar Graders what they want to see. Take a peek at the California Bar results at calbar.ca.gov to see just how important it is to give the CA Bar graders what they are looking for.

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BarWinners is the only course dedicated to helping bar takers with unique and often challenging bar exam needs.

First Time Takers with distinctive needs and exam issues (exam anxiety, standardized test concerns, students who receive testing accommodations) 

(To apply for special testing accommodations to help you get the California bar results and extra time you may need please see http://www.calbar.ca.gov/Attorneys/Legal-Specialization/Becoming-a-Certified-Specialist/Exam-Information/Testing-Accommodations).

Repeat Bar Takers who studied hard and learned enough law to pass. We find out why you didn’t pass and help you fix it.

Out-of-State Attorneys who need to take the California Attorney’s Exam but have busy lives, demanding practices and limited study time. We work with you to get you ready on time.

Law Students who want an early Bar start, personal attention, focused bar review content and time to apply what you are learning.

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We Have Everything You Need!


We offer personalized courses to fit every need.  Whether you are a first time taker, repeat taker, need to take the California Attorney’s Exam, or are a student wanting to get a jump start, BarWinners is right for you!

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BarWnners is an investment that is right for you! Read what others had to say about their experience with BarWinners and how it helped them pass the Bar!

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The BarWinners’ books and materials are included with enrollment in any BarWinners California Bar Review Course program.

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