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BARWINNERS is an intimate, interactive, LIVE (or Online) California Bar Review Course, where you can ask questions, interact with professors, get personalized help, take Simulated Bar Examinations under bar exam conditions with quality, timely feedback, every weekend. Essays, Performance Exams, MBE's. In Class Tutor. We are the top California Bar Review Course, where we tailor your bar review so passing the California Bar Exam (2014 & 2015) is easy and less stressful-- with a 94%* pass rate. (Private tutoring available)
*It is only my opinion and the opinion of Barwinners, that first-time takers from ABA schools who graduated in the top 30% of their class have a pass rate of approximately 94% with Barwinners. It is not a predictor of how you will do on the bar exam. Barwinners does not warrant or guarantee that an enrollee will have the same pass rate nor does Barwinners guarantee or warrant that an enrollee will pass the California bar exam as we cannot take the exam for you.

The Barwinners' California Bar Review Course

Shari Karney and our expert California bar review Course team provide LIVE, interactive classes that are structured in a dynamic format. We see you and know you. We do not allow you to fall through the cracks. We make passing the California Bar Exam easy. Barwinners Approach Book. Focused materials that show you exactly what to write for each issue tested. Our materials write the essays for you. In Class Tutor, On-Line Mentor, Full Performance Test Workshop, Five MBE Workshops, Simulated Exams with grading and feedback every weekend. (We are an alternative to BAR/BRI, Kaplan, Themis which are video). Barwinners is the best California Bar Exam Course 2014 you can take.

Barwinners Approach Book ("Bar Bible") virtually writes the bar exam essays for you.

In order to pass the California bar exam, you need to study from the right materials from the start. Barwinners provides the Approach Book, "the best bar review book in the market place--clear, structured, easy to memorize and use." With the Approach Book, you can outline, organize and effectively write passing essays. We follow up by giving you simulated exams, under actual bar exam conditions, so you can practice applying what you've learned from Barwinners. We provide timely, quality, comprehensive feedback so passing the California bar exam becomes easy. We use former bar exam graders and licensed California attorneys-- Experts on what the graders on the California Bar Exam 2014 are looking for.

Structured Performance Tests Boot-on-the-ground Instruction.

The key to passing the Performance Test is having a structured, practiced method. We provide the method and show you how to apply it to actual bar exam Performance Tests. Then, simulated Performance Exams under bar conditions are given. Our Performance Tests Workshops show you how to read, organize and write a strong, passing Performance Test in the allotted time. The result: During the actual bar exam, you have already "been there, done that" and writing Performance Exam A and B is doable, organized and easy.

Multi-State Workshops: We have seen our students' raw MBE scores jump from a 115 to a 153!

Our complete Multi-State Workshop is also outstanding. We give you a winning MBE technique, over 2,000 practice MBE questions with detailed answer explanations and simulated MBE exams.

You, Too, Can Pass the California Bar Exam

Passing the California Bar Barwinners
Shari Karney and all of us at Barwinners are deeply committed to you--to do everything we can to make passing the California Bar Exam easier. As a California Bar Review Course, we walk you through passing the California bar exam, step-by-step, combining the best of bar exam materials, mentoring, essay and performance exam feedback, mixed with compassion, competency and 25 years experience. Barwinners has one of the highest California bar exam pass rates. We believe in you. You are smart; you have what it takes to pass the California bar exam. Don't let anyone take your bar exam dream away from you! You can and will pass the the California bar exam 2014 with the help of Barwinners, the top California Bar Review Course. (We are enrolling and helping students pass the California Bar Exam 2014 & 2015).
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Expert Faculty--Passing the California Bar Exam

Theodore Seto, Esq. Loyola Law School
"Law is the craft of tying coercive meaning to words. For the bar exam, it's about applying those words to the bar exam fact patterns. That's why it's both empowering and exciting."

Professor Seto, a Professor of Law at Loyola Law School, graduated with the highest honors from Harvard University (Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude) and Harvard University Law School magna cum laude.) While in law school, Theodore Seto served as executive editor of the Harvard Law Review. Upon graduation, he clerked for Judge Walter Mansfield on the Second Circuit. He then practiced for 14 years as a civil litigator and tax attorney with the firms of Foley, Hoag & Eliot in Boston and Drinker Biddle & Reath in Philadelphia before joining the Loyola faculty in 1991. He teaches courses in Partnership, Corporate Taxation, International Taxation, and Property Law.

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Read what your Loyola classmates have to say about BARWINNERS and how they passed the California Bar Exam:
Loyola Law student Joni pass the bar BARWINNERS
Thank you! I am very proud and very happy to inform you that I passed the July bar exam and I am a recent admittee to the California State Bar. I owe my success to you, Shari Karney and BARWINNERS.

Before enrolling into BARWINNERS’, I had taken several bar courses, including Bar/Bri and a private tutor. BARWINNERS not only taught me the law but it taught me how to APPLY what I learned to the exam questions the way the bar examiners wanted to read it. Professor Karney and the whole team at BARWINNERS gave me an approach to use in order to master the bar. In July, I used the BARWINNERS Approach not only on the essays, but the performance exam and the multistate as well. After attending the first class at BARWINNERS, I said to one of my colleagues, “If I would have known about this course and taken it the first time, I would have passed.”

I am so proud to be an alumni of Loyola Law School and am amazed at the opportunities it has given me. Thank you very much.

Joni E. Bell, Esq.
Loyola Law School Testimonials

Blog Excerpt

What the Official Pass Rate Is on the California Bar Exam for Your Law School — Best Kept Secret

It seems to be one of the biggest kept secrets--what your law school’s pass rate was on the July, California Bar Exam 2013.

I thought it would be a simple matter of clicking on the State Bar of California’s web site, to find out what the actual pass rate was for several law schools that I was researching. Forty-five minutes later, I was still trying to find it-- Hmmmmm....
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I PASSED THE JULY CALIFORNIA BAR EXAM THE 1ST TIME! Whew! Especially since I wasn't able to fit into my law school schedule all the subjects tested on the California Bar Exam. As SBA President at Loyola Law School, I was very involved in putting on events and school activities. I needed Barwinners to keep me focused, the live classes, simulated bar exam sessions, feedback and "compassionate butt- kicking". Shari and Barwinners are awesome.

Thank you Shari. WE DID IT!
Seth Lennon Weiner, Esq.
Loyola Law School, SBA President,
Teaching Fellow, Loyola Law School, Restorative Justice
If you would like to e-mail Seth:
Passing the California Bar Exam Loyola Law School
Thank you so much Shari and Leonard. I am
still on cloud nine and I would not be here if it were not for you and your persistent coaching, private tutoring, and tough love… xoxo
P.S. See you at the swearing in ceremony--my family can't wait to meet you two. Please join us for lunch afterwards.
Samuel Baumer, Esq.
Thurgood Marshall School of Law
Swearing in Ceremony
If you would like to e-mail Sam:
Pass California Bar Samuel Baumer
We ALL passed the California Bar Exam the 1st time! (Elijah, Daniel,Tanya, Nicole, Dustin). You rock. Barwinners is the bomb! Thank you Shari. We love you and the Barwinners team. You made passing the California Bar Exam easier. Small classes, live, interaction, great writing and exam feedback. I needed a LIVE, LIVE, LIVE class. Yes!
Jonathan Rayas, Esq.
Loyola Law School
If you would like to e-mail him:
Passing the California Bar Rayas
Dear Shari,
I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful California bar review course. As you know, I passed the bar and I am certain it is because of your bar review course. Here's what I loved:
APPROACH BOOK: Specifically the course outlines (“Bar Bible”) were excellent. They gave an overview of the subject matter without getting bogged down in the details. Since the bar exam is a basic test of one’s knowledge of the law, the outlines were perfect.

The approaches were simple and straightforward. When I was taking the bar, I was able to read the questions and immediately think back to the approaches and know exactly what to write and how to lay it out. This saved me so much time that I actually finished the first essay exam early!

PERSONAL ATTENTION: Another aspect of your bar review course that I loved was the personal attention that you showed to each of us. The encouraging phone calls and honest assessments of my progress were such a help in keeping me motivated and on task.

GRADING FEEDBACK: Having each practice test personally graded was also helpful in measuring where were in terms of readiness for passing the California bar. Having the detailed feedback with both positive and negative comments was a big factor in my success.

CLASSES: I did attend every single class and practice test, which I believe was critical to my success. However, I didn’t study nearly as hard as my study partner Allie, who studied double to what I did. But we both did pass the California Bar Exam with your help and bar review course.

I guess it goes to show that everyone is different in his or her approach and it also shows how incredible and effective your bar review course and materials are in preparing someone for the California bar exam.

In short, I was extremely pleased with your bar review course and would recommend it to anyone planning to take and pass the California bar exam. Thank you again for everything.

Be Blessed.
Jeremy Black
Pepperdine University School of Law
California Bar Review Course Pepperdine Law School Jeremy Black
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